Saturday Night Live spoofed Vice President Mike Pence‘s coronavirus press conference with a cold open that included the cast as Democratic primary contenders.

Beck Bennett‘s Pence kicked off the press conference parody: “President Trump has put me in charge of the coronavirus, even though I don’t believe in science,” he said, putting air quotes around the word “science.” “And I have to admit this disease has been quite a test of my faith, just like dinosaur bones or Timothee Chalamet,” he continued.

Kenan Thompson reprised his role as Housing Secretary Ben Carson to the crowd’s delight.

“Here’s what we know so far. [The coronavirus] looks like this,” he said, holding up a picture of the Disney character, Stitch.

The press conference continued as the democratic primary hopefuls began popping up to ask Pence questions like members of the press.

“My question is: Doesn’t it seem like a good time to have a president who’s competent and capable, even if that candidate lacks charisma or ability to connect with human beings?” Michael Bloomberg, played by Fred Armisen asked.

Suddenly, Kate McKinnon appeared from behind the podium as Sen. Elizabeth Warren to attack Bloomberg.

“I might be fifth in the polls, but I’m number one in your nightmares boy,” she told him as she sticks a finger up his nose.

Joe Biden, who has been portrayed by several different celebrities this season, then appears, played by this week’s host John Mulaney.

“Guess who just kicked butt in South Crackerbarrell?” he exclaimed.

Larry David appeared as his classic Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“No Purel!” he said. “I got a bottle of that junk, and on the label it says it kills 99.99% of germs. What happens to the top .01%?”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was played by Weekend Update’s Colin Jost, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar was played by Rachel Dratch.

“Back off Buttigieg,” Dratch said. “The whole moderate from the Midwest shtick is mine so stay out of my center lane, b—h.”


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