Actor Kirk Cameron is claiming that more than 50 libraries across the nation have rejected his offer to host a story time for his new children’s book, As You Grow. The book, published earlier this month, promotes Christian values of “love for God, love for family and love for country” to children.


The Growing Pains star, who has in recent years become a Christian conservative activist, told Fox News that he was publishing this book to “fight back” against the “dangerous’ state of education today.

“The indoctrination of children into bad and dangerous ideas is spelling disaster for our children’s future,” he said. “As Bibles are literally being removed from schools and libraries – and as Christianity and faith and the Ten Commandments are being taken out of schools and replaced with toxic ideas like transgenderism, CRT and the 1619 project, I’m looking to fight back.”

The Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island was one of the libraries that declined Cameron’s story time request, citing his conservative beliefs.

Cameron is not only discontented with the libraries because they refuse to host him but because some of them have hosted “drag queen story hours.” The controversial but popular event entails a drag queen reading aloud to children at a school or public library.

“Drag queen story hour and all of that, it’s not a mistake that this is going after the children,” Cameron said. “Because everyone understands that whoever controls the textbook controls the future.”

Brave Books, Cameron’s publisher, said all of the libraries they contacted have hosted drag queen story times.

The nonprofit Drag Story Hour is one source that organizes the events. While many conservatives call the events “indoctrination” and “inappropriate,” DSH says the goal is to “capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood” and to encourage children to “be their authentic selves.”

Many critics have taken to social media to condemn Cameron for his views.

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