David Cassidy was arrested Wednesday night in Florida after a highway patrolman noticed his car weaving between lanes and nearly hitting another car.

Cassidy, 60, said that he had had a glass of red wine at lunch and a hydrocodone three hours earlier. However, the trooper said he "could smell a slight odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage come from the defendant's mouth," according to the police report. The trooper went on to find a half-empty bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon in the car.

The Partridge Family star was "unsteady on his feet," failing the field sobriety tests. He was arrested for DUI, failing to maintain a single lane, and having an open container. Breathalyzer results after the arrest showed him to be blowing a 0.139 and a 0.141.

However, his representative says that he plans to fight the charges. "He would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would not have been driving had he not had to go to a funeral," the rep told TMZ. "He's never been arrested in his life before for anything." –AMY LEE

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