Wildlife photographer Alex Figueroa posted a YouTube video titled “Gator eating Gator” on Wednesday — the video shows a gator making a meal of another gator and has already received over one million views.

Gator Eating Gator Caught On Video, Goes Viral

Figueroa captured the scene at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on Wednesday.

“I’ve never seen a gator eating another gator,” Figueroa told  WTSP-TV.

However, it appears the sight occurs more often than one might think.

Octavia Heart also captured a video of a gator eating another gator on Sunday, leading more photographers to the Circle B Bar Reserve in the hope of catching the act, according to WFTS-TV.

“Everybody was just excited. All my photographer friends were just as excited as me,” photographer Andrew Lilyquist told the station after getting multiple photos and videos of a large gator eating a smaller one.

This gruesome behavior is normal for alligators, Florida Fish and Wildlife officer Gary Morse explained to WTVT-TV.

“What alligators will typically do is they’ll take that animal and stuff it some place for a week or two until it gets nice and soft and they can tear it apart,” Morse said.

Polk County officials have reportedly closed the trail near where the incidents occurred as a precaution. The trail will reopen after mating season.

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