Manifest was recently renewed for a second season, and fans of the show undoubtedly can’t wait to see what happens next with the passengers on Flight 828.

Season 2 of the NBC supernatural drama series — which is about a group of passengers on a flight from Jamaica to New York — is set to premiere in 2020, and stars Athena Karkanis and Parveen Kaur teased what fans can expect in an exclusive interview at New York Comic Con last week.

Karkanis referred to her character Grace Stone as the “matriarch” of her family, a comment that drew a laugh from Parveen. Karkanis recapped the fact that Grace was pregnant at the end of Season 1, although the identity of her forthcoming child’s father is unknown. However, Karkanis said, the father of her baby will be revealed in the first episode of Season 2.

“The way we find out is very surprising and interesting,” Karkanis said of the identity of her baby’s father. “It’s a thing that turns Grace’s path a little bit.”


Kaur, who plays Saanvi Bahl, added how fascinated she was by Grace’s “demise,” which she and Karkanis both described as “unexpected.”

“It’s not just like she’s sinking into depression — not to trivialize depression,” said Karkans of Grace. “But it’s unexpected.”

The two Manifest stars also revealed they could not be more different in terms of how they handle flying. Karkanis said she is not a “nervous flyer” and never has been one.

Meanwhile, Kaur recounted one particular incident on a flight that made her stress significantly over flying.

“Something I never noticed before [happened while] I was at Porter [Airlines] in Toronto and the intercom came on and it was like, ‘the flight is full,'” said Kaur before revealing that the airline said she had to pay $400 for her to change her ticket to a new flight (the same amount it costs on Manifest, according to Karkanis). However, Kaur ultimately did not choose to pursue this option after freaking out over the announcement.

“I immediately went to the bathroom and peed because I was so nervous,” said Kaur with a laugh.


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