Pandora, the new CW series, features many powerful women, but Tina Casciani stands out from them.

The sci-fi show is set in the year 2199 and centers on a woman named Jax Zhou who loses everything but quickly joins the Earth’s Space Training Academy, where she learns to fight intergalactic threats. Pandora, which first premiered in July, was recently renewed for a second season.

Casciani, who has appeared on series like The Young and the Restless and Miss 2059, spoke to uInterview exclusively at this year’s New York Comic Con about her role as the woman warrior Tierney on the second season of Pandora. The actress said her character’s appearance in episode five is “shrouded in mystery” because she does not immediately reveal her true identity or allegiance.

“[Tierney] comes in under the guise of being Thomas’s father’s fiancee, which is not my true identity,” Casciani explained.

In fact, Tierney is the leader of the Hypatia Syndicate, which she described as “an organization of badass women dressed in Roman garb.” Casciani revealed she had the opportunity to wear a long, Cleopatra-like gown for her role and revealed how much she enjoyed this costume.

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“[It] was probably one of the funnest parts of working on the series,” Casciani said.


Casciani also spoiled another aspect of her character’s identity by revealing the “twist” about Tierney being Harlan Fried’s missing daughter who was presumed to be dead.

The actress dramatically waved and brushed aside her hair as a joke before explaining what she believes is the key quality of a “badass woman:” confidence.

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“Knowing what you want and not letting anything deter you from getting it,” Casciani said of the key to being a powerful woman. “And not caring what anyone thinks. That’s the biggest factor of being a badass,” she added.

Casciani revealed that although she didn’t get to shoot many hand-to-hand fight scenes for Pandora, she did perform her own stunts, including a version of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ scene from the 1999 caper film Entrapment in which she dodges lasers.

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“I get to do cartwheels, backflips [and] kicks through all these lasers and a little bit of stabbing here and there,” said Casciani. “That sounds really strange,” she added with a laugh.

Pandora Season 2 is set to premiere on the CW in 2020. The show also stars Priscilla Quintana, Oliver Dench and Ben Radcliffe.  

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