Artificial intelligence is an increasingly powerful issue in the public sphere, and the upcoming FOX series NeXt explores how dangerous it could become if it gradually continued to develop more advanced capabilities.

Michael Mosley, who plays an ankle-bracelet-carrying computer hacker named C.M. on NeXt, explained to uInterview exclusively at New York Comic-Con 2019 how the show deals with a form of A.I. gone rogue and how a Homeland Cybersecurity team tries to contain it.

“What if A.I. happened and it was everywhere?” Mosley asked in describing the series. “It’s in your phones, your Smart cars, in your Alexa. What if Alexa starts talking to you or suggesting things to your kids? That’s kind of what happens: these smart homes and devices start to manipulate these characters against each other in order to preserve itself.”

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As for his character, Mosley described C.M. as an unlikeable guy who may have been “loosely affiliated with the alt-right.”

“He went to the clinic and now he’s paying his penance doing community service outside,” said the actor.

Mosley — who has previously appeared on shows like Scrubs, Sirens and Castle — also praised his co-star John Slattery, who plays a Silicon Valley tech executive on NeXt. 

“He’s hilarious,” Mosley said of Slattery before revealing himself as a fan of the Mad Men alum and complimenting him for his dry humor. “I think I was on my phone once before we started rolling and he just came over and said, ‘put your phone down.’ But he was just joking, he was busting balls. He’s just a good guy.”

Mosley said one of his favorite scenes to shoot on NeXt, which will premiere in Spring 2020, involved his character and others scrambling to recuperate everything on a database that the A.I. has erased.

“We’re running around unplugging things and trying to scramble so it was a fun kind of thriller moment,” said Mosley.

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