Americans seem to view  Steve Colbert and Jimmy Fallon more favorably these days, a Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult survey finds. 

Ever since President Donald Trump’s 2016 election, Colbert’s Late Show ratings have grown, with him even recently topping Fallon’s NBC’s Tonight Show for the first time since his show was launched in 2015. But now, the former Comedy Central host is being viewed by many Americans as one of the most liberal late-night shows on television today, a poll finds.

The poll of which was conducted among 2,201 adults from March 7 to 10 this year, 42 percent of respondents described Colbert and ABC’s Kimmel as “more liberal” politically, while 40 percent think the same of Fallon. The poll also found that about 43 percent of respondents stated that they watched late-night shows live on television “multiple times a week,” with even 31 percent saying that they checked Facebook or YouTube multiple times a week to catch up on clips from these hosts. 

Among many late-night personalities, Fallon seems to have the most favorable impression among Americans, with 58 percent of respondents saying that they liked the host. Kimmel came in second with 56 percent, TBS’s Conan O’Brien next with 48 percent, Colbert with 44 percent, and Seth Meyers with 40 percent. 

Meanwhile, 33 percent of respondents viewed HBO’s Bill Maher favorably, with Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah came out with 30 percent, HBO’s John Oliver with 28 percent, and TBS’ Samantha Bee with 21 percent following behind. 

The survey also noted which late-night hosts most Americans wanted to hear from when it came to political opinions. Colbert took the lead yet again with 30 percent of respondents saying that they enjoyed when he discussed politics. Meanwhile, 29 percent liked Kimmel and Fallon’s political segments and 24 percent liked Maher. 

Right now, CBS’ Late Show With Stephen Colbert is currently averaging 3.8 million viewers while NBC’s Tonight Show reaches 2.48 million and with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! following at 2.07 million.


When it comes to where Americans think majority of the late-night hosts lean politically, most believed that they tend to lean more to the left. With 50 percents saying that late-night hosts are “more liberal” whereas 12 percent thought their positions were neutral and as 11 percent found them “more conservative.”

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