While Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen tried to silence Stormy Daniels, he was trying to get comedian and Late Night talk show host Seth Meyers to speak up with an apology. After he roasted Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, Meyers reached out years later to invite the almost presidential candidate Trump to his show Meyers told Politico in a podcast interview.

Trump made one non-negotiable condition for his presence on the talk show which was that Meyers needed to apologize for his 2011 statements at the White House Correspondents Dinner. In the interview with Politico, Meyers stood his ground as he said he “would have never” issued an apology like that.

Meyers said that an interview between him and Trump is “never going to happen.”  When asked if there was a good comedic talk show interview with Trump, Meyers said directly, “I don’t think there is,” he said that an attempt to capture that would be like “trying to tackle a shadow.”

Meyers did admit that if Trump called and wanted to be on the show, without the condition of an apology, “I’d have to say yes.” This disagreement is a long way from 2004 when Meyers and Trump took the screen together as father and son in a Saturday Night Live skit.


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