Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller has a new hairstyle, and late-night comedians like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah were quick to mock President Donald Trump‘s aide.

Miller — the 33-year-old architect behind many of the Trump administration’s hard-line immigration policies including the Muslim ban and family separation at the border — is best known for sporting a quasi-bald look that has led many comedians and people to compare him to a vampire. However, Miller is now sporting an obviously low hairline, as seen in his most recent cable news show interviews like Sunday’s interview on CBS’s Face The Nation. 

Miller stated Sunday that the Trump administration would declare a government shutdown on Friday if Congressional Democrats refuse to fund the border wall with Mexico. Trump famously had a heated televised debate about immigration and the border wall with two prominent Democratic lawmakers: California Rep. Nancy Pelosithe potential next Speaker of the House, and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. 

Despite the highly important immigration issue and the looming possible government shutdown, it was Miller’s hair that appeared to garner the attention of many late-night television hosts like Colbert.


“There has not been a right-wing propagandist with fake hair that obvious since Joseph Goebbels tried a weave,” 54-year-old Colbert joked about Miller on The Late Show on Monday night.

Colbert then pretended to interview Miller, who was played on his show by Peter Grosz. In the hilarious comedy segment, Grosz’s Miller slammed illegal immigration as patches of hair gradually grew on his face.

“The simple fact is, anyone who opposes this president is a jive turkey who lacks the funkiness to protect our borders,” said Grosz at the end of the segment while sporting a full-on Afro, and seemingly making a Star Wars reference by calling Trump “President Jabba.”

“For Stephen, we are one nation under a groove, getting down just for the funk of it. Do you have the capacity to dig it, Stephen?”

“I do not, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to leave it there. Merry Christmas,” Colbert responded.

Noah also mocked Miller’s new hairline by photoshopping an image of hair covering the presidential advisor’s entire face. Noah called his hair “the new border” and said it looked like a hairstyle made by paint company Sherwin Williams.

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