Stephen Colbert has a wide array of talent visit him on his CBS evening talk show. One of his most recent guests was the rather jacked John Krasinski, who’s currently staring in Amazon’s Jack Ryan series.


The Late Show host began his interview amicably as he generally does with his guests, introducing Krasinski’s latest project with a clip. However, while Colbert and the audience applauded at the intense scene, Colbert did have some reservations.

“You know I’m a big fan of yours,” Colbert said. “I think you’re a great guy. You’re sweet. You’re adorable. You’re charming. You’re funny. You’re a comedy guy, and comedy guys like you and me, we aren’t meant to do action. The point is, comedy is what you do. You do it great.” Notably, the 38-year-old actor’s biggest role up until Jack Ryan was on the NBC sitcom The Office.


Krasinski was audibly taken aback by Colbert’s comments, especially when he called 13 Hours “the plastic surgery movie.” Colbert challenged Krasinski to do ten push-ups, a dare the “action guy” met with gusto. “I’m sorry about this,” Krasinski stated. “This is embarrassing for everybody.”

Evidently, Colbert was unimpressed with Krasinski’s performance, exclaiming, “John, you just proved my point: A real action guy wouldn’t do push-ups just because I told him to, all right? A real action guy would punch me in the face.” While the buff actor initially declined in a peaceful manner, he relented and punched Colbert when he retorted by saying, “You know who would have decked me right now? Harrison Ford, the real Jack Ryan.”

Colbert was knocked off stage, quickly grabbing some ice for his bruise. However, he nevertheless continued to goad Krasinski, and the two continued their one-sided, cartoony brawl. The pair eventually wandered into an elevator, bumping into another The Office alumni, Ellie Kemper, who had nothing but praise for her former colleague. “And, hey, congrats on Jack Ryan! Wow, comedy and action. That is so cool,” she gushed. Shifting her focus to Colbert, Kemper laughed, “Can you imagine us nerds trying to do action?”

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Colbert and Krasinski soon arrive on the roof, spurring the Late Show host to say how “it didn’t have to be this way.” He continued, saying, “All you had to do was tell the truth. Us comedy guys will never be like them. We can’t be heroes! We’re not allowed to be sexy!” At this moment Colbert sprayed Krasinski will a fire hydrant. In turn, Krasinski used his shirt to wipe off the liquid, giving the camera – and a jealous Colbert – a full view of his abs. “Damn you, Krasinski,” Colbert yelled. “You are sexy!”

The entirety of the eight-minute skit, including its exciting conclusion, can be seen below:

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