Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are re-teaming with the crew of their hit movie The Proposal for a new action-comedy, Most Wanted, Universal Pictures announced on Tuesday.

Based on a pitch from Proposal screenwriter Pete Chiarelli, Most Wanted tells the story of a criminal suspect (Bullock) being escorted to a court hearing by a U.S. Marshall (Reynolds). On their journey, the two are caught in an ambush and forced to go on the run. Universal Pictures is currently negotiating with Proposal director Anne Fletcher for the project, according to Entertainment Weekly. –NATTHAKAN GARUNRANGSEEWONG



  • Julia Alkon
    Julia Alkon on

    I loved them together in The Proposal. I hope this one is equally as hilarious!

  • algree03
    algree03 on

    I agree! I also hope they have as much chemistry as they did in The Proposal

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