Lindsay Lohan sported a hijab and halal make-up while attending events at London Modest Fashion Week.


The Mean Girls actress, 31, has been drumming up rumors about her supposed conversion to Islam. Now she has donned a hijab, a headscarf often associated with and worn by Muslims, to the event. Lohan, who lives part-time in Dubai and also owns a nightclub in Greece, was in London for the fashion show, which offers two days of runway shows, seminars and panels on modest clothing.

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“Oh my days!” read an Instagram post by Hawa Cosmetics, a halal make-up brand. “As if Lindsay Lohan came over to say hello to Team Hawa!😍 She was so lovely and was saying how she’s into halal cosmetics and what she’s actually wearing on her face today was all halal!! Well all I can say is if it’s good enough for Lindsay Lohan, gurlll whatcha all waiting for?!”


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Lohan has expressed interest in modest fashion as well as Islam, and was seen wearing a burkini in Thailand last year. The actress plans to shoot an all-female film called Frame in Saudi Arabia next year and will also be designing an island in Dubai. Abu Dhabi filmmaker Nancy Paton told The National that Frame will be cast with mostly Saudi and Emirati talent as well.

The actress’ Instagram page once held photos that sparked controversy, but Lohan has since deleted most of her account. The bio still reads “Salam Aleikum,” but only contains eight photos, as of this writing. Most of them are models shots from a day she and her brother and sister participated in a family shoot.


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