Last night, Grey’s Anatomy aired it’s latest episode, “Everyday Angel” of its newest season on ABC. The episode continues with the storyline from the last episode of Teddy contemplating whether or not to tell Owen that she’s pregnant, it also highlights Dr. Jackson Avery’s return. 

“Everyday Angel,” starts with Dr. Avery finding a father camping with his son who says that he “suffers from multiple benign bone tumors that are covered by cartilage.” Avery decides that he’s going to saw off the tumors and give the kids life back, and Karev is onboard. Karev then becomes uneasy when Link comes in and bonds with the kid. He is leery of Link because Link knew Jo when they were young and he seems to be too friendly with his wife. 

We then find Teddy holed up in a hotel room trying different dishes from the room service menu, even though she was supposed to be on her way out of Seattle. Eventually, Teddy leaves the hotel and goes to her favorite playground, where she is confronted by Meredith.

Meredith had apparently tracked her down to talk to her after discovering Teddy’s secret from Maggie. Eventually, the two end up baking cookies at Meredith’s house and Teddy tells Meredith that she doesn’t want to tell Owen about her pregnancy because she fears that he would claim her by default so she would never know if he truly wanted to be with her. Meredith advices Teddy that she must tell Owen and that everything will work itself out once the baby is born.

Meanwhile, Owen is seen getting closer to Amelia. They both end up skipping work to spy on Betty to make sure she doesn’t skip school. Amelia is super anxious about the whole thing, but Owen finds it adorable and he’s completely happy with spending his entire day with her in the car as they eat baby food and tell fortunes. Owen then discovers Betty with a few friends near the exit of the school and he whistles to her that they are watching.

Owen then enjoys his foster kid’s jukebox, while Bailey and Jo respond to a patients request. The woman is in pain and no one can seem to diagnose her, but she’s come all the way to the hospital so that Meredith can tell her what’s wrong. Bailey and Jo go through every scenario and run every test to figure out what’s wrong with the women, and they come to an unfortunate conclusion that there is nothing wrong with her. The women freaks out while eating a sandwich and tells Bailey that she doesn’t accept the lack of diagnosis and she screams in pain. Jo then jumps in and performs an ultrasound, where she discovers a ligament wrapped around the women’s artery which causes her pain when she digests food. This had never been detected because the women would always have to fast for her test. 

Later on, Bailey complains about how stressed she is even though she had already moved a ton of things out of her life that produces stress. So, she begins to look further into her life to figure out what’s continuing to cause her stress. She then brings up how whenever Ben is on call she can’t breathe. We then find Cece still hanging around the hospital, waiting for a new heart and she becomes very interested in the return of Dr. Avery and wants to know how Maggie feels. Cece worries about Maggie going through a crisis because her heart is literally on the line, but Maggie is confused and irritated. Maggie can’t talk to Avery about it because he’s busy in the OR, but then the doctor’s learn that the kids multiple bone tumors aren’t benign at all. So, they can remove his scapulas, which will get rid of all the cancer, but he won’t be able to use his arms very much. Or they can scrape even though they know the cancer is still there, but then he’ll have to have radiation treatments. 

His father gives the doctors permission to remove the scapulas, which will alter his son’s quality of life but will keep him alive. Maggie then tries to console Avery by reminding him that “everything is clearer on the mountaintop.” A lightbulb then goes off in Avery’s head and he rushes back into the OR with the idea to take out the scapulas and scrape off the tumors, and then nuke it to death which will kill the cancer cells. 

It’s a win-win situation and the entire OR gives Karev and Link a round of applause and Avery and Maggie make up. The scene then switches back to Meredith as she goes after Teddy by telling her that even if she raises the baby by herself, one day the kid will go looking for Owen.


Later Link confronts Karev and he wants to know why he looks like he wants to murder him. Karev tells him that it’s because he didn’t protect Jo from Paul. Link explains that he didn’t like Paul, but when he told Jo, she had backed away and they had lost touch. Karev accepts Links reasoning and later tells Jo that Link is a good guy. 

By the end of the episode, everyone congregates at the bar near the hospital. Schmidt is upset after learning that Dr. Kim didn’t really ask him out for a beer, so he sits at his own table with Parker and Helm. He also refuses to join Kim in the group singalong with Link and Deluca. 

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