In the season 19 winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, “I’ll Follow the Sun,” Meredith Grey left her job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle to move with her family to Boston.

The episode aired on Thursday, February 23, and is actress Ellen Pompeo‘s second-to-last appearance of the season. Her last will be in the season finale that will air in May.

This marks nearly two decades and over 400 episodes on the ABC medical drama. Pompeo starred on the show since the series first began in 2005.

It was announced that Pompeo would take a step back for season 19 after joining a limited Hulu series as star and executive producer.

However, the actress will remain as executive producer and narrator of the show.

Grey’s Anatomy has still not been renewed for a 20th season as showrunner Krista Vernoff has also exited the show.

“This isn’t your first time on the roller coaster… you know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back to visit,” Pompeo wrote in her Instagram post announcing the decision.

Pompeo’s goodbye episode left options open for Meredith Grey’s story to continue in the form of a return to Seattle if the Boston move falls through.

In the episode, Meredith’s friends throw her a farewell party. However, Meredith reassured her co-workers that she plans to visit, saying, “I’m only going to Boston and you know I’ll probably be here next week.”

The romance between Meredith and Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) was also left open.

After the midseason finale, Meredith and Nick became distant when she expressed her love for him, and that feeling was not shared.

However, in “I’ll Follow the Sun,” when Meredith’s plane is about to take off, Nick calls her to say that he loves her, but Meredith couldn’t understand him clearly, leaving their relationship on an uncertain note.

The cast paid tribute to Pompeo on social media.

Creator Shonda Rhimes wrote on Instagram: “What a journey these 19 seasons have been! Wouldn’t trade them (or you) for the world. Beyond excited for your next chapter. See you later, Dr. Grey.”

Pompeo replied, “Same Queen Same … We certainly did the damn thing!!!”

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