Last night, Grey’s Anatomy aired it’s fourth episode, “Momma Knows Best,” which follows the character Meredith as she goes on a date. 

Meredith is now ready to mingle, so she heads to her lunch date software guy, John.

John likes that Meredith is a big deal in her field and he likes how dedicated she is to her work. The date is going well, and Meredith seems to be having a good time. Especially after bonding with John’s “the one thing” theory which is a phenomenon that occurs when you’re on a date and it’s going well, but then that person says or does the “one thing” that ruins it all. Meredith agrees with this entirely, but then she notices John’s facial expression has changed from pleasant to horrified. From across the restaurant, John discovers that his real date, that sort of looks like Meredith is at the bar with another man who apparently was Meredith’s real John. 


Upon realizing their mistake, they agree to continue their date and send apology texts to fake Meredith and other John. They then leave the restaurant and continue to get to know one another and it turns out that they have a lot in common. He likes traveling and she likes traveling, and he can secure a flexible schedule and so can she. Then John admits that he feels that single moms appear to be desperate and that’s the one thing that appears to be Meredith’s dealbreaker, so Meredith walks away and the date ends.

The episode then continues bringing in the Station 19 crossover element. Firefighters are seen bringing in an unconscious woman and young man who were having trouble breathing. Karev learns that the guy has a lung condition known as pulmonary bleb. He wants to perform surgery, but the guy is anxious because he knows how much money it will cost. The guy tells Karev that it’s a pre-existing condition and if he performs surgery than his mom will freak out and he will sue. 

Karev then becomes irritated and goes to Webber for counsel, but Webber isn’t to happy about Karev being unable to shoulder the load of the chief, so he tells Karev to get creative.

Karev then stabs the guy with a scalpel and the guy is shocked, but this is good news because now Karev has to fix the wound and anything else that he may find, including the bleb.

The rest of the episode then continues with Amelia struggling with the realization that Betty came home high and lied about it. Since Amelia was the fifth child who witnessed her father’s death, Amelia’s mother never punished or scolded her because she felt sorry for her. So Amelia calls Owen’s mother for advice and asks her what she should do about Betty. Owen’s mother breaks the news to Amelia that she is the closet thing Betty has to a mother and that she needs metaphorically build a strong boat for Betty because one day she will sail away. Amelia listens and understands that she has to give Betty the tools she needs to make it back safely. 

After a lot of pushing, Betty finally admits that she smoked pot and Amelia grounds her for a month. Betty freaks out and Amelia smiles, knowing that she has gained control. 

Meanwhile, in the OR, Maggie attempts to save the women Natalie who was brought in with the bleb guy. Natalie’s son freaks out, so firefighters Herrera and Miller offer to sit with him until his dad arrives. Unfortunately, Natalie’s heart is too damaged to repair and Maggie feels that Max deserves to hear the truth, but his father intervenes before Maggie is able to break the news to him. There is still a tiny chance that Natalie will make it and her husband holds onto that chance, but Maggie assures him that he will regret not letting Max say goodbye to his mother if something goes wrong, but he insists on telling Max that his mother will be ok.

Maggie then steps away and asks Amelia and Meredith, who are back in scrubs, if it’s ok to break doctor/patient confidentiality to help a person who will suffer. Amelia believes that doctors should stick to the oath. Maggie then goes on a rant to Meredith about surprises being unfair and that Max needs to know that his mother is probably going to die. 

Maggie then looks at Meredith and Maggie breaks silence and tells her that Teddy is pregnant with Owen’s baby.

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