A since-deleted tweet from tv writer and producer Muna Mire, attracted attention by showing a flyer from the Marriott’s Resort in the Grand Cayman Islands claiming Armie Hammer was a concierge for the hotel.


It has been revealed that the flyer was a prank and Hammer is not working at the hotel. The joke, which is speculated to be started by a member of the hotel staff, has resulted in a massive amount of attention for the resort.

The hotel reports that questions about Hammer’s employment were the most they’ve ever gotten in the short window of time.

The flyer featured a photo of Hammer that read, “I am your personal concierge and am here to help you get the very best from your vacation.” It also included concierge services with details on “swimming with wild turtles,” and “where to do snorkeling and diving.”

As a child, Hammer visited the Cayman Islands regularly and spent a substantial amount of time there during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hammer has been flying under the radar after he was hit with multiple sexual abuse allegations, which he denies are true. He has made a film in several years and has skipped all press sessions for the postponed releases he starred in, including Death On the Nile.

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