Susan Lucci is an American actress and entrepreneur. She is best known for her role as Erica Kane on All My Children.


Susan Lucci was born on December 23, 1946 (Susan Lucci: age 76) in Scarsdale, New York to Jeanette and Victor Lucci. In 1964 she graduated from Garden City High School and in 1968 she graduated from Marymount College with a degree in drama.

In 1969, Lucci married chef and food-service manager Helmut Huber. They had two children together, Liza Huber and Andreas Huber. They were married for 52 years until Helmut died in March of 2022 at 84 years old.


In 1970, Lucci starred in the ABC soap opera All My Children as Erica Kane. The show dealt with current social issues (the Vietnam war, abortion and plastic surgery to name a few) and young love while still involving some humor. After 41 years and 42 seasons, the show was canceled in 2011.

Lucci was first nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy in 1978 and continued to be nominated nearly every year after. Finally, in 1999, after 18 lost nominations, Lucci won an Emmy.

Some of Lucci’s film credits include Young Doctors in Love (1982), Invitation to Hell (1984), Between Love and Hate (1993) and Joy (2015).

Lucci also competed in Season Seven of Dancing with the Stars with Tony Dovolani. She managed to stay in for seven rounds of competition and came in sixth place.


On February 1, 2023, the American Heart Association had its annual Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection concert to raise awareness about women’s health and heart disease. Having had heart issues in 2018, Lucci was happy to be at the event.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers, Lucci discussed the importance of women’s health.

“I had an issue several years ago and even another one last year that I was ready to ignore all over again which made me ashamed of myself, so I’m back to tell women to pay attention to their symptoms,” she urged. “Take action, put yourself on your to-do list. Because we are the first ones to take our children to the pediatrician, we advocate for the people we love and we have to do that for ourselves too.”

Lucci also revealed the necklace she was wearing was actually part of her newest collection.

“This is the first of my collection ‘Empower Your Heart.’ We launched today on the Today show and I’m very proud of it,” she said. “I wanted to come up with something that would both fund research at the American Heart Association and also work to remind women to put themselves on the to-do list, to take charge of their heart health and make it a priority.”

Lucci continued, “It’s very wearable, and when you’re brushing your hair, you see the little heart and you say, ‘oh that’s right, I should work out today. Maybe I shouldn’t have the cheeseburger and should think about the salmon.’”


When was Susan Lucci born?

Susan Lucci was born on December 23, 1946.

How old is Susan Lucci?

Susan Lucci is 76 years old.

Is Susan Lucci married?

Susan Lucci was married to Helmut Huber until he died in 2022.

Does Susan Lucci have children?

Yes, Susan Lucci has two children, Liza and Andreas Huber.

What is Susan Lucci’s Instagram?

Susan Lucci’s Instagram handle is: @therealsusanlucci

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