Jorge Garcia is an Chilean-American actor. He is best known for his roles on Lost, Hawaii Five-0 and Condor’s Nest.


Jorge Garcia was born on April 28, 1973 (Jorge Garcia: Age 49) in Omaha, Nebraska to Dora Mesa and Humberto Garcia. He grew up in Orange County, California and graduated from San Clemente High School. In high school he wrestled and was given the nickname “Baby-Faced Killer” and was awarded “Triton of the Year” his senior year.

In 1995 Garcia graduated from the University of California Los Angeles as a Communication Studies major.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Garcia revealed how he got started with acting.


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“When I was in junior high I did a musical that was based on a comic strip that was called Drabble and I played the villain,” he began. “And the villain had a great song called “Power,” which is his whole reason for being evil, you know not a lot of nuances as far as like in character, but it was a really great song and I kind of saw that people found me very funny and I got a lot of applause and that was like kind of the rush, like the first real rush of getting audience approval that stuck with me and I think that’s a big part of it for sure.”


Garcia started his acting career with a few commercials before being noticed by Lost producers. He became the first actor to be cast in Lost and the character Hugo Reyes was created specifically for him.

The show Lost follows the story of 48 plane-crash survivors stranded on a strange island inhabited by hostile creatures. The show went on for six seasons and has been ranked as one of the greatest television series of all time. From this show, Garcia received two ALMA Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Television Series in 2006 and 2008.

After his time in Lost Garcia played roles in movies like The Ridiculous 6 (2015), Rock Dog (2016), Nobody Knows I’m Here (2020) and most recently Condor’s Nest (2023). Garcia also guest-starred in various television shows like How I Met Your Mother, Phineas and Ferb, BoJack Horseman and MacGyver.

Garcia had a recurring role which turned into a main cast role in the show Hawaii Five-0 from 2013-2020. In 2022 he also had a role in the show The Masked Singer, in which he struggled underneath the ‘incredibly heavy’ costume.

“I was out of breath just walking in costume to get to my position on stage,” Garcia said in regard to his Cyclops costume.


In the film Condor’s Nest, viewers follow an aviator searching for war criminals years after the end of WWII. Garcia plays Proprietor Hipolito, owner of a cantina that brings the main characters together and pushes the story forward. 

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Garcia revealed some of the troubles he had behind the scenes. 

“What I remember most about the shoot in North Carolina was when I flew in work the one day and I think I was even supposed to fly back that night, but there was an issue with my flight connecting late so I had to be picked up and driven the rest of the way,” he began. “Which, unbeknownst to me, because I didn’t take that second leg, ended up canceling my return ticket. I would have to wait, meanwhile, this is happening, the airline also had lost my luggage or my luggage didn’t make it to its final destination and I think I was able to get my luggage to just turn it back into them to check in to go back, but luckily the crew was great. They had extra T-shirts they had bought for my part but I was going home with me so I had a different shirt to wear I could wear a clean shirt on the flight back.”

Condor’s Nest is available for streaming on-demand now.


When was Jorge Garcia born?

Jorge Garcia was born on April 28, 1973.

How old is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia is 49 years old.

What is Jorge Garcia known for?

Jorge Garcia is known for his roles in Lost and Hawaii Five-0.

Is Jorge Garcia married?

Yes, Jorge Garcia married Rebecca Birdsall in 2019.

Does Jorge Garcia have children?

No, Jorge Garcia does not have children.

What is Jorge Garcia’s Instagram?

Jorge Garcia’s Instagram handle is: @pronouncedhorhay

What is Jorge Garcia’s Twitter?

Jorge Garcia’s Twitter handle is: @jorgegarcia

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