On Wednesday night, the American Heart Association had its annual Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection concert to raise awareness about heart disease. Along with musical performances, women modeled red dresses at the runway show.

Susan Lucci, 76, had on a red, one-shoulder form-fitting dress. She accessorized with studded dangling earrings, a small heart necklace and bright red lipstick.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers, Lucci discussed the importance of women’s health.

“I had an issue several years ago and even another one last year that I was ready to ignore all over again which made me ashamed of myself, so I’m back to tell women to pay attention to their symptoms,” she urged. “Take action, put yourself on your to-do list. Because we are the first ones to take our children to the pediatrician, we advocate for the people we love and we have to do that for ourselves too.”

Lucci also revealed the necklace she was wearing was actually part of her newest collection.

“This is the first of my collection ‘Empower Your Heart.’ We launched today on the Today show and I’m very proud of it,” she said. “I wanted to come up with something that would both fund research at the American Heart Association and also work to remind women to put themselves on the to-do list, to take charge of their heart health and make it a priority.”

Lucci continued, “It’s very wearable, and when you’re brushing your hair, you see the little heart and you say, ‘oh that’s right, I should work out today. Maybe I shouldn’t have the cheeseburger and should think about the salmon.’”

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