Almost everyone in America knows not to mess with Erica Kane, but apparently it's a message that never sank in at the network that produced the longrunning soap opera, All My Children. Actress Susan Lucci, 64, who has starred on the popular soap since its 1970 inception, has a name that's almost synonymous with AMC, and she let loose on ABC's daytime chief Brian Frons in an excerpt in the paperback edition of her new memoir, All My Life.

"An iconic show was losing out to greed," she wrote of when she learned that Frons would cancel the show and replace it with a less expensive talk show about food. According to Lucci, this followed a series of bad decisions by Frons that included moving the New York-based soap to L.A., hiring a "subpar" head writer, and putting pressure on All My Children creator Agnes Nixon to leave the show, reports New York's New York Post.

"I watched Brian Frons' decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country," Lucci wrote. ABC as a whole isn't getting off easy here, either, in Lucci's assessment. "I cannot fathom any network executive choosing to alienate millions of loyal viewers in these economic times."

All My Children, whose cancellation was officially announced in April, will continue online, and Lucci was reportedly offered the same salary by new production company Prospect Park to continue on the show, according to She has not yet revealed if she will take the deal or not.

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