Richard Bruce Kind was born on November 22, 1956, in Trenton, New Jersey (Richard Kind age: 64) to Alice and Samuel Kind. Kind has a younger sister, Joanne Kind. His family moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he and his sister were raised. His family is Jewish.


Kind told uInterview that his first acting experience was playing Fagin in the musical Oliver! in the fifth grade. Kind credited his experiences watching Broadway shows as a child as well as his mother’s love of old movies as what made him interesting in theater and acting. “I had grandparents who lived in New York City and they used to take me to the theater a lot when I came to visit… I was educated, cultured growing up with that.”

Kind graduated from Pennsbury High School in 1974. In 1978, he matriculated to Northwestern University, where he was involved in pre-law studies and was a member of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kind took a year off before heading to law school after graduating from Northwestern University and ended up making a career as an actor.


Kind had his first film role in the 1986 film Nothing in Common, although it was uncredited. Kind began to land a number of TV roles, including Two Father’s Justice, HoopermanMr. Belvedere and more. In 1989, he had his first voice role in the TV series 21 Jump Street. Since then, Kind has become a prominent voice actor, with credits including Molt in A Bug’s Life (1998), Van in Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011), Bookworm in Toy Story 3 (2010), Bing Bong in Inside Out (2015), and Marty Glouberman in the TV series Big Mouth.

In 1990, Kind had a role in Carol Burnett‘s Carol & Company. Shortly after, Kind landed two of the roles he is most famous for. Kind is well known for his role as Dr. Devanow on the TV series Mad About You, which he appeared in from 1992 to 1999. From 1996 to 2002, Kind played Paul Lassiter on Spin City, which also gained him widespread attention. From 2002 to 2020, Kind played Cousin Andy on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Kind has had an extensive list of TV credits and has appeared in several popular shows, including ScrubsKim PossibleThat ’70s ShowSesame StreetAmerican Dad!Law & Order, and many more.

Kind has also enjoyed a robust career in theater as an actor in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions. In 1984, he appeared in Orwell That Ends Well. He also played Ira in The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife in 2000, Senator Wingowah in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in 2006, Marcus Hoff in The Big Knife in 2013, as well as the role of a gangster in Kiss Me Kate in 2013 and in 2019. Kind was nominated in 2013 for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his role in The Big Knife.


In an exclusive interview, Kind sat down to discuss his most recent movie The Bellmen with uInterview.

“I cannot tell you what the plot of The Bellmen is because I really barely know it. It’s just stupid. It’s just a dumb movie about bellmen at a hotel… it’s simply silly, almost to the point of stupid,” Kind said of the movie, which follows bellmen at a hotel that is about to go under. Kind plays the owner of the hotel.

“It will destroy brain cells,” Kind added. “The only reason I am selling this movie right now is because it’s sort of iconic, we’re living in a time that’s just, the weight of the world is on our shoulders, things are tough. This is mindless, this may help you through the day. It’s 90 minutes of just silly and stupid.” Kind revealed that a portion of the profits made from streams of The Bellmen will go toward COVID-19 relief.

Kind called his co-stars, including Kelen Coleman, Thomas Lennon, Adam Ray and Willie Garson, “fantastic, wonderful people” and “great actors.” The cast was made up of actors in their early career beginnings as well as seasoned actors such as Kind himself. “Acting with these young guys and women, they’re just wonderful. I really had a good time and I got to play golf at a beautiful course in Arizona. So, all was good,” Kind said with a smile.

Kind’s favorite scene from the movie? “Thom Lennon’s improvised scene at the end… That guy just kills me… He’s just superior,” Kind said of his costar. Kind also acknowledged Garson for his role in the film and their history together. “I’ve known [Garson] for 30 years, he’s taken roles from me left and right. A great friend and a great talent,” Kind said.


Kind married Dana Stanley on November 14, 1999. The couple has three children together. His family resides in the Upper West Side of New York City.

Kind is close friends with actor George Clooney. Clooney was the best man at Kind’s wedding.


What is Richard Kind’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kind has a net worth of $3.5 million.

What religion is Richard Kind? Richard Kinds is Jewish.

Who does Richard Kind play in Big Mouth? Kind played Marty Glouberman from 2017-2019.

How old is Richard Kind? Kind is 63 years old.


Source: IMDb

Year Title Role
1985 Two Father’s Justice District Attorney Turpin
1986 Nothing in Common Ad Exec in Bar (uncredited)
1987 Bennett Brothers Richard Bennett
1987 Hooperman (TV Series)

–       Deck the Cell with Bars of Folly

Mr. Miller
1988 Vice Versa Floyd
1988 110 Lombard
1988 Mr. Belvedere (TV Series)

–       Marsha’s Secret

1988 My Sister Sam (TV Series)

–       The Art of Love

1988 Meanwhile in Santa Monica Alex
1989 Empty Nest (TV Series)

–       A Life in the Day

Elton Sexton
1989 Unsub (TV Series)

–       Burn Out

–       And the Dead Shall Rise to Condem Thee: Part 2

–       And the Dead Shall Rise to Condem Thee: Part 1

–       And They Swam Right Over the Dam

–       Daddy Dearest

–       Clean Slate

–       Silent Stalker

–       White Bone Demon

Jimmy Bello
1989 21 Jump Street (TV Series)

–       Next Victim

Caller (voice)
1989 The New Homeowner’s Guide to Happiness (Video) Dr. Schlazil
1989 Anything But Love (TV Series)

–       Just the Facts, Ma’am

1990 Ghoulies Go to College (Video) Cat Ghoulie (voice)
1991 Queens Logic Actor
1990-1991 Carol & Company (TV Series) (32 episodes) Skit Characters



1991 Princesses (TV Series)

–       Someday My Prince Will Gum

Len Kleckner
1991 All-American Murder (Video) Lou Alonzo
1991 The Carol Burnett Show (TV Series

–       Episode dated 13 December 1991

–       Episode dated 6 December 1991

–       Episode dated 29 November 1991

–       Episode dated 22 November 1991

–       Episode dated 15 November 1991

–       Episode dated 8 November 1991

–       Episode dated 1 November 1991

Skit Characters
1992 Stand by Your Man (TV Series)

–       Spare Me

1992 Mr. Saturday Night Reporter
1992 Tom and Jerry: The Movie Tom (voice)
1992 Great Scott! (TV Series)

–       Choir Mire

1993 The Building (TV Series)

–       Father Knows Best

The Neurotic Director
1993 Quest of the Delta Knights (Video) Wamthool
1994 Jimmy Hollywood Angry Driver
1994 Clifford Julien Daniels
1994 Madness of Method (Short) Owen Goodwin
1994 The Nanny (TV Series)

–       The Playwright

Jeffrey Needleman
1994 Stargate Gary Meyers, Ph.D.
1994 Blue Skies (TV Series)

–       The Girl, Bull and the Amenite Hat

–       A Kiss Is Just a Mess

–       Cat’s in the Bag

–       If You Knew Daddy Like I Know Daddy

–       A Hatful of Pain

–       The Quick and the Alone

–       Kenny Returns

–       A Partner Changes Everything

1993-1995 The Commish (TV Series)

–       The Trial

–       Revenge

–       The Letter of the Law

–       Father Eddie

–       Dog Days

–       A Little Heart

Alex Beebee
1995 A Whole New Ballgame (TV Series)

–       Twisted

–       With Brett You Get Eggroll

–       Horace Morgan Is Dead and Living in Milwaukee

–       Brett’s Beef

–       You Are What You Date

–       They Say It’s Yer Birthday

–       Opening Day

Dwight Kling
1995 Nowhere Man (TV Series)

–       The Spider Webb

Max Webb
1996 Space: Above and Beyond (TV Series)

–       Level of Necessity

Colonel Matthew Burke
1996 Johns Paul Truman
1997 Shooting Lily Florist
1997 Cold Around the Heart Attorney Nabbish
1997 Hacks Benny
1998 Something So Right (TV Series)

–       Something About the ‘Men’ in Menstruation

Paul Lassiter
1998 Waiting for Woody (Short) Doorman
1998 The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story (Video) Chimp 1 (voice)
1998 The Lionhearts (TV Series)

–       Singin’ in the Mane

1998 A Bug’s Life (Video Game) Molt (voice)
1998 A Bug’s Life Molt (voice)
1999 Our Friend, Martin (Video) Mr. Willis (voice)
1999 Strangers with Candy (TV Series)

–       Who Wants Cake?

Harry Link, DDS
1998-1999 Disney’s Doug (TV Series) (32 episodes) Bobby (voice)
1999 The Wild Thornberrys (TV Series)

–       Koality and Kuantity

Lyrebird (voice)
2000 Tom Sawyer (Video) Mr. Dobbins (voice)
2001 The Santa Claus Brothers Roy (voice)
2001 Even Stevens (TV Serie)

–       Uncle Chuck

Uncle Chuck Stevens
2002 Quicksand Kensington
1996-2002 Spin City (TV Series) (145 episodes) Paul Lassiter
2001-2002 Oswald (TV Series)

–       Job for a Day/Perfect Match

–       The Big Balloon Rescue/Snow to Go

–       A Day at the Beach/The Sand Sculpture Contest

–       A Nice Quiet Picnic/The Big Parade

–       Cloud Collecting/Pongo the Friendly Dragon

–       The Polka Dot Umbrella/One More Marshmallow

Pongo (voice)
2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Casting Executive Man
2003 The Station Agent Louis Tiboni
2003 Spymate Dr. Farley
2002-2003 Still Standing (TV Series)

–       Still Petting

–       Still Scalping

Dr. Nathan Gerber
2003 Shrink Rap Herb
2003 Just Shoot Me! (TV Series0

–       The Last Temptation of Elliot

Jimmy Korsh
2003 Miss Match (TV Series)

–       Kate in Ex-tasy

Phil Weston
2003 Nobody Knows Anything! Real Estate Agent
2004 Girlfriends (TV Series)

–       Prophet & Loss

Peter Miller
2004 Nobody’s Perfect (Short)
2004 Oliver Beene (TV Series)

–       X-ray Specs

Barnaby Rollins
2004 The Ingrate (Short) The Beach Bum
2004 My Life, Inc. Dan Mannion
2004 The Division (TV Series)

–       Lost and Found

2004 Garfield Dad Rat (voice)
2004 Elvis Has Left the Building Burning Elvis
2004 Dog Gone Love Doug
2004 That ‘70s Show (TV Series)

–       (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Kimberly’s Dad (uncredited)
2004 Less Than Perfect (TV Series)

–       Shoo-In

Lance Corcoran
2004 Stitch’s Great Escape! (Short) Seregeant C4703PK2704-90210 (voice)
2003-2004 Scrubs (TV Series)

–       My Female Trouble

–       My Malpractical Decision

–       My Fault

–       My New Old Friend

Mr. Corman
2004 Father of the Pride (TV Series)

–       Sarmoti Moves In

–       What’s Black and White and Depressed All Over?

Zebra (voice)
2005 Bewitched Abner Kravitz
2005 Head Cases (TV Series)

–       S(elf) Help

Lou Albertini
2005 The Big Empty (Short) Talk Show Host
2005 Stop (Short) Mr. Cale
2005 E-Ring (TV Series)

–       Christmas Story

–       Delta Does Detroit

Asst. Public Affairs Sec. Danton Murphy
2005 Reba (TV Series)

–       Issues

2005 The Producers Jury Foreman
2005 Genetically Challenged Shermie Frankl
2006 Cars Van (voice)
2006 The Wild Larry (voice)
2006 I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With Herb Hope
2006 Three Moons Over Milford (TV Series)

–       Dog Day Afternoon

Pete Watson
2006 For Your Consideration Marketing Person
2006 Everyone’s Hero Hobo Andy

Maître D’ (voice)

2006 Raising Flagg Bill Reed
2006 Stargate: Atlantis (TV Series)

–       Irresponsible

–       Irresistible

Lucius Lavin
2006 The Angriest Man in Suburbia Josh
2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)

–       Privilege

Ernest Foley
2007 Psych (TV Series)

–       From the Earth to Starbucks

2007 Hermie & Friends: Milo the Mantis Who Wouldn’t Pray (Video short) Milo (voice)
2007 All of Us (TV Series)

–       Everything Happens for a Reason

–       The Boy is Mine

2007 The Grand Andy Andrews
2003-2007 Kim Possible (TV Series)

–       The Mentor of Our Discontent

–       Mad Dogs and Aliens

–       Car Alarm

–       The Big Job

–       Low Budget

Frugal Lucre (voice)
2007 Sands of Oblivion Ira
2007 The Visitor Jacob
2007 Bagboy Dave Weiner
2007 Big Stan Mal
2007 Two and a Half Men (TV Series)

–       Is There a Mrs. Waffles?

2007 The Neighbor Wilder
2008 Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (Video) Groundhog (voice)
2008 The Understudy Ian
2008 Money Game (Short) Doc
2008 Roadside Romeo Guru (voice, uncredited)
2009 Ingenious Newkin
2009 Chowder (TV Series short)

–       The Big Hat Biddies/The Deadly Maze

Gumbo (voice)
2009 A Serious Man Uncle Arthur
2009 Santa Buddies (Video) Eddy the Elf Dog (voice)
2009 Heidi 4 Paws Grandfather (voice)
2009 Dora the Explorer (TV Series)

–       Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

Greedy King (voice)
2009 Help Me, Help You Fish
2009 Sherri (TV Series)

–       Indecision ‘09

Whiny Neighbor
2010 Leverage (TV Series)

–       The Maltese Falcon Job

–       The Three Strikes Job

Mayor Bradford Culpepper
2010 Trauma (TV Series)

–       Frequent Fliers

2010 ‘Til Death (TV Series)

–       Brother’s Keeper

2010 Toy Story 3 Bookworm (voice)
2010 Hereafter Christos
2010 The Search for Santa Paws (Video) Eddy the Elf Dog (voice)
2010 Burn Notice (TV Series)

–       Dead or Alive

–       Hot Property

–       Past & Future Tense

2011 Harry’s Law (TV Series)

–       Send in the Clowns

Marty Slumach
2011 Mr. Sunshine (TV Series)

–       Ben and Vivian

–       The Assistant

–       Celebrity Tennis

Rod McDaniel
2011 Fancypants Mr. Camp
2011 Femme Fatales (TV Series)

–       Behind Locked Doors: Part 2

–       Behind Locked Doors: Part 1

Jonathan Shields (uncredited)
2009-2011 The Penguins of Madagascar (TV Series)

–       Operation: Neighbor Swap

–       The All Nighter Before Christmas

–       Wishful Thinking/April Fools

–       Gator Watch/In the Line of Doody

–       Roger Dodger/Skorca!

–       Launchtime/Haunted Habitat

Roger (voice)
2011 Cars 2 Van (voice)
2011 New & Used (Short) Salesman
2011 Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns – Again (Video Game) Roger (voice)
2011 Bad Seed (Short) Tim
2011 Phineas and Ferb (TV Series)

–       Perry the Actorpus/Bullseye!

Executive (voice)
2012 BuzzKill Stan Fuller (voice)
2012 Sketchy (TV Series)

–       Downton Arby’s

Lord Arby
2012 NYC 22 (TV Series)

–       Thugs and Lovers

Geoff Arnhauldt
2012 The Producers (Video) Max Bialystock
2012 Argo Max Klein
2012 Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Eddy the Elf Dog (voice)
2012 Divorce Invitation George Mason
2012 The Refineries (Short) Thomas
2012 Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (Video Game) Alpaca Guard (voice)
2011-2012 Luck (TV Series)

–       Unaired Season Two Premiere

–       Two Prized Colts Go Head-to-Head

–       Ace Counters Smythe’s Move with His Own

–       Ace and Claire Tour a Horse Farm

–       Ace Pitches a Deal

–       Ace Forces Escalante to Swap Jockeys

–       Ace Meets with a Colleague

–       Ace Meets with a Talented Whiz Kid

–       Ace Meets with a Potential Investor

–       Pilot

Joey Rathburn
2013 Kroll Show (TV Series)

–       Can I Finish?

2005-2013 Sesame Street (TV Series)

–       Trashgiving Day

–       How Many Balloons to Raise Snuffy?

Mr. Disgracey

Fairy Balloon Person

2013 Dark Minions Feldenbaum
2013 Golden Boy (TV Series)

–       Next Question

–       Beast of Burden

–       Pilot

Paul Daly
2013 Dealin’ with Idiots Harold
2013 Children’s Hospital (TV Series)

–       Country Weekend

2013 Drop Dead Diva (TV Series)

–       One Shot

Marty Frumm
2013 The Good Wife (TV Series)

–       The Next Day

Judge Alan Davies
2013 Love Is Dead Ken Bell
2014 The Michael J. Fox Show (TV Series)

–       Secret

Mr. Norwood
2014 Obvious Child Jacob
2014 Chu and Blossom Fred
2014 Ten X Ten (TV Series) Man 50s
2014 Bad Teacher (TV Series)

–       Pilot

Brie’s Husband
2014 Glee (TV Series)

–       The Back-Up Plan

Mr. Rifkin
2014 TripTank (TV Series)

–       Ahhh, Serenity

–       Shovels Are for Digging

Dad (voice)

Stanley (voice)

2014 What Cheer? (Short) Stan
2014 The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Bix Field
2014 Sharknado 2: The Second One Harland ‘The Blaster’ McGuinnes
2014 The Middle (TV Series)

–       Unbraceable You

Dr. Niller
2014 Yellowbird Michka (English version, voice)
2014 All Stars Richard Kline
2014 Ride Boss
2015 What’s Your Emergency (TV Series)

–       Corporate Hell

–       Let’s Make a Date

Devon Micketty
2015 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV Series)

–       Kimmy Goes to School!

Mr. Lefkovitz
2015 Inside Out Bing Bong (voice)
2015 Happyish (TV Series)

–       Starring Helen Keller, Moses and Lenny Bruce

2014-2015 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (TV Series short)

–       Club Ninja-dise/To Smell and Back

–       The Three Mascoteers/Escape from Srap City

–       Rory: Hero of a Past/Mort-al Combat

–       Randy Cunningham’s Day Off/Bro-ing Down the House

–       Flume-Igation/On the Poolfront

Mort Weinerman (voice)
2015 Survivor’s Remorse (TV Series)

–       M.V.P.

Ira Irwin
2015 Understudies (TV Series)

–       Hyde and Suck

Martin Ekhart
2015 Summer Memories (Short) Dentist (voice)

Tooth (voice)

2016 Black Swell (Short) Mr. Fennimore
2016 Jacqueline Argentine Private Investigator
2016 Elementary (TV Series)

–       A Study in Charlotte

Trent Garby
2016 The Paper Store Prof. Marty Kane
2016 The Lennon Report Dr. Stephan G. Lynn
2016 All We Had Marty
2016 Detours Sam Jacobson
2016 Albion: The Enchanted Stallion Brian
2005-2016 Go, Baby! (TV Series)

–       Sleep

–       Dance

–       Garden

–       Birthday

–       Bathtub

–       Space

–       Beach

–       Music

–       Farm

Narrator (voice)
2016 Difficult People (TV Series)

–       High Alert

2016 Jay & Pluto (TV Series) Jay
2016 How To Master Debate (Short)
2016 The Lonely Whale (Short) Narrator (voice)
2017 Man Seeking Woman (TV Series)

–       Blood

2017 Jeff & Some Aliens (TV Series)

–       Jeff & Some Love

–       Jeff & Some Jeffs

–       Jeff & Some Confidence

–       Jeff & Some Laughs

–       Jeff & Some Honor Killings


Video Store Clerk

Supermarket Clerk

2017 Still the King (TV Series)

–       Flatbushes

Walt’s Dad
2016-2017 Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (TV Series)

–       Flight of the Arrowhead

–       The Lost Crystals of Qalydon

–       A New Home

–       Beware the Gammorean Flu

–       Showdown on Hoth

–       The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase

–       Peril on Kashyyyk


Captain Durpin

Ensign Durpin

2017 I’m Dying Up Here (TV Series)

–       Creative Indifferences

–       Lingchi

–       The Unbelievable Power of Beliving

–       My Rifle, My Pony and Me

–       Girls Are Funny, Too

Marty Dansak
2017 Disjointed (TV Series)

–       The Worst

Special Agent Schwartz
2017 Suburbicon John Sears
2017 Bernard and Huey Marty
2017 Andover Harold
2014-2017 Red Oaks (TV Series) (24 episodes) Sam Meyers
2017 The Librarians (TV Series)

–       And the Steal of Fortune

Bennie Konopka
2018 The Independents Granny
2018 LEGO The Incredibles (Video Game) Bing Bong (voice)
2017-2018 Elena of Avalor (TV Series)

–       Finding Zuzo

–       Spirit Monkey Business

Cacahuate (voice)
2019 The Last Laugh Jimbo
2019 Documentary Now! (TV Series)

–       Original Cast Album: Co-Op

2019 Auggie Felix
2019 The Social Ones The Architect
2019 The Good Fight (TV Series)

–       The One Inspired by Roy Cohn

Judge Alan Davies
2019 The Other Two (TV Series)

–       Chase Performs at the VMAs

–       Chase Gets a Nosebleed

–       Chase Goes to a High School Dance

–       Chase Goes to a Premiere

Skip Schamplin
2019 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (TV Series)

–       Opioids II

Richard Sackler
2014-2019 Gotham (TV Series) (13 episodes) Aubrey James
2012-2019 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)

–       End Game

–       Assumptions

–       Sunk Cost Fallacy

–       Acceptable Loss

William Biegel

Biegel Griffin Kimbell Attorney
Jonas Dworkin

2019 Brockmire (TV Series)

–       Opening Day

–       Placed on Waivers

–       Clubhouse Chemistry

–       The Yips

–       Player to Be Named Later

–       Clubhouse Cancer

Gus Barton
2017-2019 Welcome to the Wayne (TV Series Short)

–       The Best Buddy I Never Had

–       Spacefish

Harvey Timbers (voice)
2019 Life in Pieces (TV Series)

–       Cabana Hero Action Son

2018-2019 Summer Camp Island (TV Series short)

–       Space Invasion

–       Fuzzy Pink Time Babies

–       Moon Problems

–       The Basketball Liaries

–       The First Day

Shark (voice)

Hedgehog’s Dad (voice)

Additional Voices (voice)


2019 The Reception (Short) Robert
2019 Transparent (TV Series)

–       Transparent Musicale Finale

2017-2019 Big Mouth (TV Series) (19 episodes) Marty Glouberman


Sperm #2

2018-2019 Young Sheldon (TV Series)

–       A Pineapple and the Bosom of Male Friendship

–       Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Callers, and a Dinette Set

–       Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers

Ira Rosenbloom
2019 A Million Little Things (TV Series)

–       Austin

2019 Holiday Greetings from Sugar and Booze (Audible Original – Audio Comedy) Manny (voice)
2019 Bombshell Rudy Giulani
1992-2019 Mad About You (TV Series) (42 episodes) Dr. Mark Devanow
2020 Ella Bella Bingo Mr. Jackson
2017-2020 Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (TV Series)

–       Plus Est En Vous

–       Once a Handmaiden

–       Be Very Afraid

–       Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

–       Rapunzel’s Return

–       Secret of the Sundrop

–       Max’s Enemy

–       Big Brothers of Corona

–       One Angry Princess

–       Rapunzel’s Enemy

Monty (voice)
2002-2020 Curb Your Enthusiasm (2007-2020)

–       Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry

–       Artificial Fruit

–       Side Sitting

–       The Black Swan

–       The Smoking Jacket

–       Opening Night

–       The Special Section

Cousin Andy
2020 Bob’s Burgers (TV Series)

–       Flat-Top O’ the Morning to Ya

Jules (voice)
2020 The Bellmen Sid
2017-2020 The Goldbergs (TV Series)

–       The Return of the Formica King

–       I Coulda Been a Lawyer

–       Girl Talk

Formica Michael Mikowitz
2020 Indebted (TV Series)

–       Everybody’s Talking About the Shiva

–       Everybody’s Talking About Doctor Uncle

2020 Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (TV Series)

–       Dead People Lie Down

Sam Bloom
2020 Almost Paradise (TV Series)

–       Uncle Danny

Uncle Danny
2020 Thomas and the Magic Railroad: 20th Anniversary Celebration (Video) P.T. Boomer
2019-2020 At Home with Amy Sedaris (TV Series)

–       Inspiration

–       Confectionaries


Sugar Griz

2005-2020 American Dad! (TV Series) (32 episodes) Al Tuttle

Car Salesman

2020 Rifkin’s Festival (completed)
2021 Hudson Falls (TV Series) (post-production)

–       Episode #1.1

Ray McClane
The Magnificent Meyersons (post-production)
Tankhouse (post-production) Morten
10-13 (pre-production) Dr. Geer


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