Lisa Rinna threw a glass during a fight with Kim Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Kim threatened to expose her husband, Harry Hamlin.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna And Kim Richards Fight in Amsterdam

Rinna, Richards and the rest of the housewives, Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson, Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster, traveled to Amsterdam in Tuesday’s all new episode to visit Foster’s family.

Tensions have been running high between Rinna and Richards since Rinna questioned Richards’ sobriety – Rinna’s sister overdosed when she was 21 – and Rinna started the dinner with the intention of apologizing. Richards, however, was in no mood to accept Rinna’s apology.

“You have gone around to everyone and talked… asking where I’ve gone to treatment, if I had a sponsor… you want to bring up my stuff, let’s talk about your home life,” Richards said.

Davidson, who also has a complicated relationship with Richards, stepped in, but Richards dismissed her, calling her a “beast” before turning back to Rinna.

“Let’s talk about the husband…You better watch what you talk about me, or everyone will know,” Richards added, apparently threatening Rinna with some kind of family secret.

To Rinna, Richards mentioning her husband crossed a line, and the actress became enraged, throwing her glass of wine at Richards before throwing the glass down on the table, causing it to shatter. “Never go after my husband!” she screamed.

“Everyone will know! She can’t lie about me, or I’ll tell something that’s true,” Richards yelled as the two were forcibly separated by the other women.

At the dinner, Richards also managed to alienate her sister, Kyle, who left the restaurant in tears, and Richards left the restaurant with Glanville and Foster on her side.

Later in the episode, Richards and Rinna patched things up. Richards approached Rinna and revealed that she was so upset by Rinna’s public inquiries about her sobriety because she wants to protect her children, saying, “I would have respected you more if you had come to me.”

Rinna agreed to move on, telling Richards, “I’ve come at this with only good intentions. You really pissed me off, [but] I believe we can move forward.”

Kim Richards And Lisa Rinna: Truce?

Don’t expect the truce between Rinna and Richards to last long, however. Davidson is less than pleased by the turn of events, as seen in this clip from next week’s episode where she confronts Rinna for patching things up with Richards despite Richards’ increasingly rude behavior.

Rinna also hinted at her true feelings concerning Richards on Twitter, writing, “You cant talk to kookoo bird crazy.”

Meanwhile, whatever dirty secret Richards claims to know about Hamlin doesn’t seem to be bothering Rinna. During her live tweeting of the episode, Rinna jokingly tweeted using the hashtag “What Did Harry Do?”

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