Richard Kind told uInterview how he’s surviving the coronavirus lockdown, and gave tips to people stuck inside.

The actor said that he’s been taking time to work on his fitness routine at home.

“So I haven’t been to the gym in six weeks, and I have to work out so what do I do?” Kind, 63, started. He explained that at the gym he usually lifts weights, but stuck at home he’s had to amend his routine. “I don’t go to the gym, and I’m doing exercises online that are so healthy, and make my joints and my muscles hurt because I’m moving, like doing deep knee bends and burpees and stretching, which I never do!”

“Thank God at my age I discovered this,” he continued. “And they all said ‘Oh you got to learn to stretch, you got to stay young and spry like that!’ Now I’m doing it.”

“So had this pandemic never happened, I may not be in the better shape that I’m in,” Kind said. “So, if I die from this thing at least I’ll look good!”

He also gave inspiration to people who are stuck at home:

“The thing is if you are brave enough to turn this pimple into a beauty mark, you can eat healthy, you can work out, you can read, you can binge-watch things that may elevate and educate you. So why not invest in that?”

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