Richard Kind told uInterview that his new movie, The Bellmen, is perfect for today’s stressful times because it’s “just stupid.”

“I cannot tell you what the plot of The Bellmen is because I really barely know it, it just stupid,” the Curb Your Enthusiasm actor said. “It’s just a dumb movie about bellmen at a hotel. The hotel may go under. I own the hotel, the bellmen all try and save it.”

The movie stars some veteran actors, like Thomas Lennon and Willie Garson, but also shines a light on a bunch of new talent, according to Kind.

“These kids who play all the bellmen and are trying to save the hotel, they’re wonderful people, they’re great actors with promising careers, and some of them, already established careers,”

The movie follows the bell captain (Adam Ray), who pretends to be the manager of the hotel in order to get the girl he likes. At the same time, a scam artist (Lennon) is performing at the hotel, and the bellmen decide to dig up some dirt on him.

“And it will destroy brain cells,” Kind said. And the only reason I’m selling this movie right now is because it sort of a tonic, where because we’re living in a time that’s just, the weight of the world is on our shoulders, things are tough; this is mindless. This may help you through the day.”

The actor explained that the movie is so silly that when he saw the actors working with puppets in one scene he said, “I still don’t know how it helps the story, it’s just dumb.”

Kind said that the movie will only be distributed by local theaters, and if you stream it, some of the profits will go towards the COVID-19 charity.

One of Kind’s favorite parts of shooting the movie? Lennon’s improv.

“When Tom Lennon, at the end of the movie, goes of and just starts improvising, that guy just kills me.”

Watch the trailer below:

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