Voice commands are quickly becoming a standard feature within the home entertainment experience, with companies like Samsung, Amazon and Roku weaving it into their products. TiVo’s revising their Bolt DVR boxes to include this feature, and the TiVo Bolt Vox is coming soon.


TiVo’s 4K Bolt Vox and its smaller counterpart, the TiVo Mini Vox, will continue to blend the usefulness of internet-esque services with the comfort of using a television. In CNET’s report, the forthcoming Bolts even share their internal components with the previous renditions of the Bolt. The inclusion of voice controls is unquestionably the biggest addition to the DVR, giving users a user-friendly way to change the channel or order commands.

The Bolt’s user interface has been redesigned, following the grid templet set by others. However, one nifty contribution is the new QuickView tool. This lets you see other content without needing to stop the program you’re currently enjoying.

Symbolizing the genesis of TiVo’s new DVR is the presence of an improved remote. The button positioning has been tweaked, generally making for a more organized layout. Furthermore, three new buttons have been added; a big blue button sits near the top of the device, which controls the voice command feature, whereas a new button dedicated to Netflix sits right under the equator. The final button is the aptly named Skip button.

TiVo’s new family members will arrive on November 8. TiVo’s standard Bolt Vox will cost $199.99. That consists of 500GB, supplying up to 75 hours worth of space. A 1TB model spanning 150 hours will also be available for $299.99, whilst a 3TB unit will last 450 hours. The latter will cost $499.99, but it can only record from digital cable. Moreover, those with the previous Bolt or Bolt+, or the TiVo Roamio OTA, Pro or Plus, can also score the voice feature via an interface patch. It will require a purchase of a new remote, however.

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