President Donald Trump has taken to social media to give Apple CEO Tim Cook some advice on the iPhone.

Apple got rid of the home button on the iPhones starting in 2017 with the release of iPhone X. Instead of physical home button, Apple allowed users to perform gestures to open home screen and switch between apps. Apparently, the president does not approve of this change and voiced his opinion to Apple just this week.

Though Cook has not responded, wags are anticipating a snarky response due to the last interaction between the president and CEO of Apple. Back in March, Trump called him “Tim Apple” and Cook changed his Twitter name to “Tim .”

Some Twitter users asked if the president was referring to his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, after it emerged that the former New York mayor had twice butt-dialed a reporter in three weeks. Others speculated Trump had just upgraded to a new, button-less model of the device.

And some user’s showed their agreement with the president.


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