Amazon’s Alexa is a versatile assistant for any household, but there’s one medium she hasn’t quite been incorporated into yet: television. However, that will soon change thanks to the newest iteration of the Amazon Fire TV. Element’s upcoming device is the 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Amazon Fire TV Edition.


While peripherals exist to add Alexa to streamline your home theater setup, Element’s Amazon Fire TV comes with her built-in. One easily discernible difference between the Fire TV and other Alexa-enabled products, such as the upcoming Amazon Echo Show, is how you begin your interactions with her: normally, uttering her name will activate Amazon’s useful guide, but you’ll need the Fire TV’s remote to call upon her.

Alexa is the biggest differentiation between this product and the many other options on the market. Unfortunately, while the Fire TV will display 4K visuals fueled by over 8 million pixels, CNETs previewer notes how it lacks other enhancements, such as local dimming.

Holding the remote’s mic button while speaking into it will active Alexa. Furthermore, her skill set will remain similar to what you’ve grown accustomed to; Alexa will still offer compatibility with other devices, she can answer your inquires over a variety of topics and, naturally, Alexa will quickly change the channel upon hearing your command.

Unlike the competing Roku-enalbed smart TVs, Element’s Fire TV offers an accessible grid covering up to 14 days worth of information. Components contained within include information pertaining to television programs, thumbnail images and the networks are labeled by name. CNET’s writer ultimately preferred Roku per its more neutral promoting of services (whereas the Amazon Fire TV will, unsurprisingly, highlight Amazon’s content) and for its greater degree of customization. However, Amazon’s user interface still offers a wide variety of apps.

The set will launch on June 14. It’ll be available in four sizes: 43-inches, 50-inches, 55-inches and 65-inches. Respectively, these models will cost $449.99, $549.99, $649.99 and $899.99. All four sizes are available for pre-order through Amazon’s website. Additionally, those who pre-order are eligible for a free bonus: a 35-Mile AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna. Should you wish, you can also order your television with a sound bar, although this enhancement will raise the price.

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