Amazon is developing a new touchscreen-controlled device starring their recurring digital assistant, Alexa. CNET reports that the Amazon Echo Show is slated to start shipping on June 28, and it’ll cost $230 per unit.


The Echo Show, in a divergence from its predecessors, will have a 7-inch touchscreen with which Alexa can interact with you.

The 5-megapixel camera can be used as an intercom to chat with other Echo Show wielders as well as anyone who uses the Alexa app. Furthermore, you can also call and leave voice messages for people who own an Echo or Echo Dot.

If you enjoy listening to music, you can see the lyrics to the song on the screen as it plays. Furthermore, the Show supports compatibility with YouTube, it can assess your calendar, and you can view a video showcasing the day’s breaking news from sources such as CNN. Plus, if you need a makeshift monitor to keep an eye your baby, you can connect a compatible smart camera to the Show.

Akin to prior Alexa models, the Echo Show will have several microphones atop it. Upon saying her name, you’ll communicate with Amazon’s guide. (Alternatively, naming “Amazon,” Computer,” or “Echo” can also active the Echo Show.) Once Alexa is listening, you can declare your request. This will send it over to Amazon’s servers, which will decipher what was said and inform Alexa how to respond.

The Echo Show, just as with its family, will not heed your command if another Echo device is within closer proximity to you. The Echo family utilizes Amazon’s ESP mechanic to accomplish this. You can connect your phone to the Show via Bluetooth and stream audio, too. However, multiple Echoes cannot be combined for synchronized playback, unlike the competing Google Home.

Ultimately, the Amazon Echo Show is reminiscent of an iPad. Moreover, it’s built around Alexa, with a touchscreen that will be less essential than your average tablet. The divergences from the previous Alexa-themed machines may prove to be off-putting to those who’ve grown accustomed to their hands-free input, although that will be determined once the Amazon Echo Show launches.

Pre-orders for the platform are currently up on Amazon’s webpage, with a $100 discount if you purchase two. Presently, the Amazon Echo Show is only slated for a release in the U.S., and it will come with a one year warranty.

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