In the premiere of Whitney’s second season, Whitney (Whitney Cummings) and Alex (Chris D'Elia) wreak havoc on their first day of their new life together. When the series left off, the two ran into every possible obstacle in their attempt to get a marriage license. At their wits' end, they decide to get matching “I do” tattoos instead of an official marriage license. Whitney invites her mom the next day to share the news. When her mother leaves abruptly after arriving and dredges up Whitney’s abandonment issues, she finds herself crying in front of Alex for the first time. When Alex comforts her, they discover that Alex is a little turned on and Whitney is furious. As a result they spend the rest of their first day of marriage at odds with each other. By the end of it all, she realizes that Alex is the one person who will never abandon her.

Viewers can expect the same Whitney they’ve always known, as the show’s formula leaves little room for surprise. The second season carries on a similar routine of sex jokes, skanky outfits, stock characters in supporting roles, and a repeated attempt to prove that Whitney is “dude friendly.” She may be a woman, but no “bro joke” is too much for her. She’s one of the guys, and makes it clear to her male audience as often as she can. Whitney is a great comic, but network television doesn’t give much leeway for the dirty jokes she usually cracks during her stand-up routines. Instead, she’s left with a set of tame, clichéd one-liners that make her one sitcom far from unique. Despite its lack of originality, Whitney is good at what it does. For the generic category it may fall into, it’s consistent, relatable, and very entertaining. So get ready for another season of ever-so-slightly nauseating fun!

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