Ten women have come forward with accusations of predatory behavior against comedian Chris D’Elia. He had previously come under scrutiny after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct and sexually harassing an underage girl in 2020 – allegations which he has repeatedly denied.

The 43-year-old comedian is now being accused of using his celebrity status to prey on women to sexually gratify himself for over a decade. He is accused of having requested nude photographs and coercing a woman into performing a sexual act in exchange for tickets to his show. Others allege that the You actor took over their lives, “tracking their locations, picking out outfits, giving curfews, and pushing some of the women to get a tattoo of his initials.”

Jazzmyn Wollfe, who claims to have had an emotionally abusive, manipulative, and controlling relationship with D’Elia that mainly took place online, went on to get his initials tattooed on the side of her neck and claims to have become increasingly dependent on the comedian and isolated from her family and friends. Wollfe claims that D’Elia frequently requested explicit photos and videos from his “girls” – what he called women he was having sexual online interactions with – and if they did not provide the content instantaneously, D’Elia would berate or ignore them as punishment until they apologized and gave in to his requests.

“I began to lose such a sense of myself as an individual person because you can only hear something so many times before you start to internalize that,” Wollfe told Rolling Stone.


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Other women had similar experiences, including Alexa who was 18 when she became one of D’Elia’s “girls.” After coming across his comedy during treatment for an eating disorder, Alexa and D’Elia began messaging online before meeting up in San Jose, California, that same month. Alexa claims that D’Elia’s attention toward her became a lifeline during her recovery. She claims that he would regularly check up on her treatment, asking about her weight and requesting proof of how much she weighed. Over time, however, Alexa claims the comedian became extremely possessive and would get angry if she spent time with other boys.

Alexa later flew to L.A to watch one of D’Elia’s performances, where he had allegedly saved a free ticket for her. While he briefly said hello to her ahead of his set, Alexa waited two and a half hours for him to leave the club. “Eventually I get a text and he says he’s around the block,” Alexa told Rolling Stone. The alleged encounter lasted 15 minutes. She recalled getting into his car only to have D’Elia do a lap around the block before parking exactly where he had picked her up.

D’Elia is yet to comment on the new allegations against him.

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