Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dorit gossiped about Erika’s lady parts with the other women and the ladies took part in Escape the Room where the drama surrounding Pantygate came to a breaking point. This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills briefly introduces yet another new housewife, Eden Sassoon, daughter of acclaimed hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, and sees Dorit clashing with more of the ladies, this time Lisa Rinna and Eileen.

RHOBH S7E5 Recap: “Amnesia Appetizers”

The episode opens with Erika picking out accessories for her music video “Expensive”.  Erika tells her creative director, Mikey, about Dorit’s gift and the drama of Pantygate. She is still peeved about PK not telling that she was unintentionally flashing everyone and believes this drama shows more of Dorit’s character than it does her own.

Later Dorit hosts a dinner party and invites Lisa Rinna to attend since her family is out of town. At the dinner party, PK grills Rinna about the drama with Lisa Vanderpump. Rinna explains that after her father passed the drama with LVP seemed trivial and wanted to move past. PK hears Rinna’s reasons for apologizing to LVP and mansplains her own emotions to her (BYE PK).

Rinna later brings up how Eileen lost six members of her family in the past year and how she kept her mother’s passing a secret from all the other women except for Rinna. PK and Dorit believe it was unfair of Eileen to not tell the other ladies about her mother’s passing. PK then tells Rinna that she and Eileen should call and apologize to LVP and explain that their actions last season were a result of the loss of their parents. Although Rinna explained to PK that their parents passed away months after the altercation, PK is too bullheaded to understand.

Rinna, being a good friend, relays the discussion from Dorit’s dinner party to Eileen. Eileen invites Dorit for a hike to discuss what was brought up. While on the hike, Eileen asks Dorit about what Rinna told her and Dorit feigns amnesia. Dorit claims that she doesn’t remember Eileen’s name being brought up at all that night (how convenient). Emotionally-adept Eileen struggles to connect with Dorit who refuses to acknowledge any wrong-doing on her part. Ultimately, Eileen reiterates that the drama with LVP and the loss of their parents are isolated issues and Dorit finally concurs.

Camille Grammer is back (YASSS) and is hosting a luncheon with Dorit, Eileen, and Erika. Dorit throws shade at Erika in an interview, claiming her singing career is more of a hobby (how dare you). The ladies revisit the drama from last season again and the tension is palpable. Dorit and Eileen butt heads when Eileen brings up the conversation from Dorit’s dinner party. As Eileen is responding to her statement, Dorit cuts Eileen off and tells Eileen to let her finish. As the tension builds the episode ends in the middle of Camille’s luncheon with a “To Be Continued”.

The preview for next week’s The Real Housewives Beverly Hills shows Dorit once again in the hot seat with the other ladies and game night at Kyle’s turns sour when her sister Kim arrives and reignites drama with Lisa Rinna. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Wants to spend more time with Mauricio
  • Does not want to shag Kelsey Grammer
  • Is going to cut off Mauricio’s penis for driving 112 mph with their daughter in the car. –Let me take it for a spin first.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Doesn’t need vaginal rejuvenation. –I believe it.
  • Would shag Tom Girardi because she wouldn’t have to apologize for her body.
  • Teases that Ken’s manhood is smaller than the vaginal rejuvenation wand.



  • Thinks Dorit is highly judgmental. –Same.
  • Says Dorit is the kind of girl that takes the fun out of hanging out with other women.
  • Believes that in your 40s you become more poised and confident in yourself.


  • Grew up in a middle-to-upper class family.
  • Doesn’t like boring people. –I don’t like you.
  • Has seen enough “hoo-haa” lately.

Lisa Rinna:

  • Her hair is iconic. –Oh it’s something.
  • Met Harry while working at a store selling glasses.
  • Doesn’t understand how PK and Dorit can dissect she and Eileen dealt with losing their parents.


  • Vinny was #25 in the world for tennis once.
  • She and Vinny are training to compete in a doubles tournament.
  • Thinks Dorit is trying to make her into a problem. –Crush her, Eileen.

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