William Shatner attended Comic-Con in a wheelchair on Saturday after injuring his leg while riding a horse.

William Shatner Does Comic-Con In A Wheelchair

Shatner, 83, was in San Diego to participate in the Legends of TV Land panel alongside Betty White and Donald Faison.

“This is not the Captain’s chair,” Shatner joked as he was rolled out on the stage, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

On a more serious note, Shatner told his fans about his accident, saying, “I was riding a horse and had an accident. The horse got off scot-free. I did not. I wrecked my leg.”

Shatner admitted he was in a lot of pain, but said that missing Comic-Con was not an option. Shatner also talked about his days as Captain Kirk on Star Trek and advocated for animal rights.

“The orca is telling us something. It doesn’t have to fend for itself [at places like SeaWorld] but [its] basic reason for living is thwarted,” Shatner said during the panel.

William Shatner GISHWHES

Shatner is currently gearing up to participate in Supernatural star Misha Collins’ charity scavenger hut, GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.) Shatner will lead a team in the game and has been promoting it relentlessly on Twitter.

“[Shatner] curated a pretty heavy hitting team, but that said, it takes a lot to beat the most enthusiastic teams. You know, [some of] these contending teams really busted out in hunt week [last year]… So I’m skeptical. But that’s all it takes. You need a certain joie de vivre to win,” Collins said.

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