George Takei recently claimed that his Star Trek costar William Shatner was a “prima donna” during the filming of the 1960s television series.

The 85-year-old revealed his thoughts on his former colleague in an interview with The Guardian. He said there was camaraderie among the cast of the show, “except for one,” referring to Shatner, who played Captain Kirk.

The actor added that “none of us” got along with Shatner, and called him a “cantankerous old man.”

Takei characterized his costar as “self-involved” at the time.


“He enjoyed being the center of attention,” he said of the young star. “He wanted everyone to kowtow him.”

Shatner, 91, commented on the cast’s feelings about him earlier this year in an interview with USA Today.

“I have no idea what they’re talking about, which may mean they’re prejudiced or I’m so inured to people’s reactions that I’m living in my own little world,” he said. “It’s so bizarre that I’ve ceased to talk or think about it. Because I think they are the problem, not me. It’s a really good attitude to have in life.”

The two actors have been feuding for many years, reportedly going back to Takei’s 1994 memoir, To The Stars.

Besides that one exception, Takei said the rest of the cast “became lasting friends.” He shared that many of the other cast members were part of his wedding party in 2008, including Walter Koenig as his best man and Nichelle Nichols as “best lady.”

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