Today is Pi Day, a fun math-themed day when select retailers may offer pie-themed discounts. This also happens to be the thirtieth anniversary of the holiday. If this is your first time partaking in the festivities, here’s a breakdown of its history.

PI DAY 2018

Pi is a mathematical term that means the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Numerous mathematical formulas and equations require the use of pi. Moreover, pi is an irrational number, therefore meaning its digits go on infinitely and don’t repeat cyclically. Its first three digits — 3.14 — match today’s date, March 14, hence why today is detonated as Pi Day. Additionally, March 14 happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, strengthening the scientific nature of the day.


Pi Day’s genesis can be traced to physicist Larry Shaw, who established it in 1988. The first Pi Day occurred at the Exploratorium, inspired by a conversation Shaw had with his colleagues there about constants. The holiday grew from there, which can be accredited to Pi Day’s lighthearted, fun take on math and science.

However, although it was founded three decades ago, it became officially recognized by Congress in 2009, and a plethora of organizations and individuals celebrate the day internationally. Google is honoring Pi Day’s milestone with a celebratory logo bearing the caption, “Happy 30th Anniversary of Pi Day!”

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Happenings today are also themed around pie, which is pronounced identically to the similarly spelled mathematical term. So what better way to spend Pi Day than by eating its customary food, from pizzas to the comforting sweet taste of fruit pies?

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