In the middle of the night last Wednesday, Google announced it’s newest project, YouTube Music. Yet another contender in the music streaming industry has stepped up to the plate.

The app is already in existence but didn’t gain much traction from users. Essentially, it has combined all of the music (including videos) on YouTube into a different format. It was originally called YouTube Remix, but has been renamed since. On YouTube Music, you can listen for free with the burden of ads interrupting your jam sessions, or you can pay $9.99 month for YouTube Music Premium to exclude ads and add bonus features.

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For those of you with a subscription to Google Music, you also have access to YoTube Music Premium.

In response to a user asking if their 14,000 uploaded songs and “carefully curated playlists” would remain the way they are during this transitional period, head of music at YouTube T. Jay Fowler confirmed that information will transfer from Google Play Music to Youtube Music in the tweet above.

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Additionally, YouTube Red is now being re-branded into YouTube Premium, which will cost $11.99 for new customers and will also include YouTube Music Premium. However, if you already have a subscription to YouTube Red, your monthly price won’t change.

The services provide both a mobile app and desktop version, playlists, artist radio, music videos, remixes, covers and more.

It seems likely that Google Play Music will eventually be replaced with the new divisions of Youtube music streaming services, but they aren’t going anywhere yet.

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