Google Lens is a novel feature in its Google Photos app, one owners of Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone have been able to enjoy since last October. On March 5, however, Google made a pleasant announcement: the Google Lens feature is spreading to other Android and iOS devices.


Google Lens is a visual search engine, allowing you to use your phone’s camera to take a snapshot of something – perhaps a landmark or a type of food – and then learn more about it. Another luxury is Lens’ ability to scan and collect information; for example, if you take a picture of an associate’s business card, Lens can then create a new contact on your device with the pertinent information loaded. Similarly, Lens can scan an address and look it up through Google Maps for you.

Android phones are gaining Lens compatibility now, so download the latest version of the Google Photos app through the Play Store when you get the chance and enjoy watching your smartphone get a little smarter. Google notes how iOS support for their new tool is “coming soon.”

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