Jax is still trying to move forward with his mission of ridding the club of illegal gun trafficking on Sons of Anarchy, while SAMCRO recovers from the devastating hit to their club in “Salvage.”

A devastated Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) explore the wreckage of the clubhouse. Chibs tries to remain positive, but Jax is less optimistic. Eli (Rockmond Dunbar) stops by and informs them that he knows that the Irish blew up their clubhouse, and he wants to do his best to make sure SAMCRO doesn’t retaliate in a way that could blowback on Charming. Their meeting is cut short when Eli is called back to the station: Gemma (Katey Sagal) caused a huge scene when the police refused to let her visit Nero (Jimmy Smits), who has officially been arrested for the murder of the prostitute. Gemma causes such a scene, she ends up being thrown in the cell with him.

SAMCRO holds council at Gemma’s house and get a call from the Irish to propose a deal, or a threat, depending on how you look at it. Galen proposes that Jax will facilitate the transition over to Clay (Ron Perlman) and he would run the guns in Northern California without giving any cut to Jax for the transition and, in return, the Irish wouldn’t blow up more Sons of Anarchy charters. The deal passes with a unanimous vote, but the guys decide to keep Connor as insurance to make sure the deal is solid.

When Gemma returns home, Jax asks her to go visit Clay and tell him that the deal is on. After what happened last time Gemma visited the prison, she is, reasonably, hesitant, but the meeting will be just a regular visit, not a conjugal visit, so Gemma will, most likely, not be forced to have sex again for the pervy prison guards.

Eli is losing ground with DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) at the station. When he shares his theory that Nero was set up for murder, the DA says she does not care one bit. She has the evidence on her side. She kicked Eli out of his office so she could make some calls.

Meanwhile, Unser (Dayton Callie) takes Tara (Maggie Siff), Abel and Thomas to the hospital to meet with Lowen. Once away from the club and Gemma, Tara reveals her plan to Unser: she is filing for divorce and full custody of Abel and Thomas. In the event that she goes to jail, the boys will be placed in Wendy’s custody. Unser doesn’t seem pleased, but he understands that Tara doesn’t want this life for her boys.

On their way to visit other charters, SAMCRO got into a bit of a car chase with local police, who stopped and harassed the club, even cuffing Juice (Theo Rossi) and shooting a hole in his bike tire. The club quickly realized the cops were dirty, and managed to get away, but did end up causing quite a scene that could come back to haunt them. Regardless, SAMCRO made it safely up to the summit in Chester.

Jax rouses the charters at the summit with talk of the Sons getting out of guns, into porn and hopefully keep them out of prison. He wants the clubs to have a future, but he doesn’t want to be in illegal gun sales anymore, and, while each charter can chose to earn their money how they see fit, there will no longer be a complete club operation. Chibs smacks the table in approval, and the others soon follow. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) surprises Jax by announcing that he wasn’t going nomad, he was bringing in Quinn, Montez and West to SAMCRO.

Eli searches Toric’s hotel room and deduces that it was the crime scene where he killed the escort. He knows Toric set Nero up, but the DA wants to wait for the DNA results before she lets Nero go. She wants to hold him long enough, hoping that he will turn on Jax. Of course, the DA isn’t one to put all her eggs in one basket. She sends a deal to Tara: full immunity in return for proof that Jax and SAMCRO are involved in illegal gun trade. Lowen encourages Tara to take the deal, but Tara flat out refuses. She still loves Jax, and she would never betray him. The DA is not happy when she hears that Tara won’t flip, and she decides to take the gloves off. She goes to Tara and warns her: she is moving the trial up three weeks and will be trying the case herself.

Over at Diosa, Gemma meets with Lyla to inform her that she’s going to have to step up and run the club while Nero is behind bars. At the club, Gemma runs into Venus (aka ‘Vincent’), who has come to Nero to find refuge from an abusive family. Gemma takes her in.

Sons of Anarchy will continue Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX with “Sweet and Vaded.”

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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