Shellie Zimmerman, the estranged wife of George Zimmerman, opened up about the man who claims to have shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense, revealing her ex’s current unstable state.

Shellie Zimmerman Likens George To ‘A Monster’

Shellie, who married George in 2007, says that the man she’s hearing about today – who was just recently brought up on domestic violence charges against his current girlfriend Samantha Scheibe – isn’t the man she once knew. At the start of their relationship, she admits she was happy.

"In the beginning, yes, and we were great friends and I thought he was a wonderful person; that's why I married him," Shellie told Katie Couric. Now, however, he seems like a completely different person, behaving “like a monster.” She said, "I haven't seen him in a couple months, but it certainly seems like something snapped in his spirit.”

Shellie Zimmerman Fears Her Husband’s Next Move

George Zimmerman’s recent brushes with the law make Shellie Zimmerman nervous for both her safety at that of others. "I certainly hope that there are no causalities. I hope that there's no violence, but he does seem like a ticking time bomb," Shellie said. "I know I’m certainly afraid. I just hope that he can get maybe the help that he needs to deal with his situation and that no one else will be hurt."

Shellie Zimmerman hopes that in opening up about George’s increasingly abusive behavior – in their marriage and now that they’re separated – can serve to inspire other women to get out sooner rather than later. She’d left Zimmerman the night before he shot Martin, and regrets having decided to stand by him through the spotlighted trial.

"I do wish that the night before when I had left … that he had just let me go and didn't call me back into his life and that I didn't play the role I played as a supportive wife," she said. "Because my life would be very different now."

– Chelsea Regan

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