Katie Couric did not hold back in her new book, writing her true feelings about encounters with celebrities like Martha Stewart and old colleagues like Deborah Norville.

Couric’s book, Going There, is appropriately named.

The tell-all memoir has some insiders not too happy with what was written by the 64-year old T.V. presenter.

She blasts lifestyle icon Stewart and wrote she required “some healthy humbling (prison will do that…), to develop a sense of humor.”

Couric also details when she met Prince Harry at a polo match in Brazil and wrote about her first impression of the young prince. She described the prince as smelling like cigarettes and alcohol that seemed to “ooze from every pore” in his body.

Couric talked about fellow broadcaster Norville, whom she replaced on the Today show, for having a “relentless perfection” on the show, which turned off viewers.

Another revelation from the book was about the late Larry King, who passed away in January 2021.

She recalls a time when they went out for dinner and when the two went back to King’s apartment, things quickly went downhill. Couric said King lunged for her with his tongue and hands while she sat on the sofa. “When I like, I really like,” she recalls him saying to her.

The book is set to be released in October, and Couric will go on an 11-city book tour to further promote her new project.

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