Scarlett Johansson‘s role in Rub & Tug is officially up for grabs. The actress has withdrawn from her role as Dante “Tex” Gill in the film, which details Gill’s true story as the transgender boss of an organized crime gang.

Johansson was originally called out for taking a role that people felt should have been given to a transgender actress. On her behalf, her rep said, “Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman‘s reps for comment.” In Johansson’s statement, she referenced Tambor’s Golden Globe-winning performance as a transgender woman on Amazon’s Transparent, Leto’s Academy Award-winning performance as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club and Felicity Huffman’s Academy Award-nominated performance in Transamerica. 

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However, the Avengers star has released a new statement, both rescinding her last comment and announcing her withdrawal from the movie.

“In light of recent ethical questions raised surrounding my casting as Dante Tex Gill, I have decided to respectfully withdraw my participation in the project. Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to advance, and I’ve learned a lot from the community since making my first statement about my casting and realize it was insensitive. I have great admiration and love for the trans community and am grateful that the conversation regarding inclusivity in Hollywood continues.”


It is unclear exactly who will take the role, but it’s likely that we will see someone from the transgender community fill the void.

Here are some reactions from Twitterdom:

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