Rachel Uchitel, who previously had an affair with Tiger Woods, recently decided to disregard a non-disclosure agreement she signed with the golfer. Woods’ legal team is now looking to prevent any future violations of the agreement.

Uchitel signed the agreement in 2009 after news broke of her affair with Woods. The deal initially promised an initial payout of $5 million along with $3 million over the next three years. In exchange, she was not allowed to speak about the affair.

Uchitel, who is now 46 years old, decided to break the non-disclosure agreement.  According to the New York Times‘ report, Uchitel met Woods in 2008 through Derek Jeter, who was a mutual friend. They began their relationship in 2009 when Woods was still married. “I knew him to be cheating on his wife from the first time I met him, well before we got together,” she stated.

She explained that he would pay for her to take flights to different events. He even offered to fund a restaurant that Uchitel wanted to open in the future. When news of the affair broke, she was subject to heavy scrutiny from the media and other public figures.


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Uchitel eventually hired Gloria Allred as legal council, who helped to broker the non-disclosure agreement.

After breaking the agreement, Uchitel reported that Wood’s lawyers had contacted her with threats. One lawyer Michael Holtz reportedly threatened to pursue her for as long she lived.

Uchitel cannot face consequences for speaking out, however, because of her recently declared bankruptcy. After filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, she was granted release from debts, creditors, legal claims and other obligations. This could stop Woods’ team from taking action against her for what she has already stated publicly.

Woods’ team is now asking a judge to reexamine her bankruptcy case, potentially allowing for a payout to Woods if Uchitel speaks out in the future again. The judge will rule on the matter at a hearing on August 18.


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