Lily Rabe, who has been with the American Horror Story miniseries franchise since season 1, will be joining the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show as her Asylum character Sister Mary Eunice.

Lily Rabe Appearing On 'Freak Show'

Rabe will don Sister Mary Eunice's habit to film her scenes for Freak Show this weekend, according to Entertainment Weekly. As the time frame for Freak Show is before that of Asylum, she'll still be the demure nun from Asylum's earlier episodes. She'll be heading to the Jupiter, Florida freak show from Briarcliff to have a chat with Pepper – another character that originated in Asylum, played by Naomi Grossman.

Rabe, who currently stars on ABC's The Whispers, will appear in Freak Show's 10th episode of the season, which is the show's winter cliffhanger.

In other surprising Freak Show casting news, Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka will both appear on the show – though not in the same episode. Harris will appear in Freak Show's 11th and 12th episodes, while Burtka will be in the 13th. It's known that Harris will be playing some sort of salesman, though details are scarce on his plot.

“He had very specific ideas for what he wanted to do, and I had very specific ideas," AHS creator Ryan Murphy, who is a friend of the How I Met Your Mother actor, told TVLine. "So we’re working on melding those.”

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