Finn Wittrock will portray the character Guy Gardner in the upcoming Green Lantern series on the streaming service HBO Max. Wittrock is the first official cast member to be announced for the show. Greg Berlanti will serve as an executive producer for the Green Lantern series while Seth Grahame-Smith will serve as the showrunner and head writer alongside Marc Guggenheim. Little has been revealed about the upcoming Green Lantern show aside from the premise – focusing on more than one Green Lantern Corps member – and that Wittrock, Berlanti, Guggenheim and Grahame-Smith will all be involved with the series.

Wittrock is best known for appearing in the Netflix psychological thriller series Ratched and the anthology horror series American Horror Story, particularly during its fourth and fifth seasons. The actor has also starred in films such as The Normal Heart, Noah, Unbroken, The Big Short and La La Land. Wittrock will portray Guy Gardner, a Green Lantern Corps member who is infamously known for being an extremely arrogant and short-tempered alpha male hero who gets along with practically none of the other DC heroes but nonetheless always has his heart in the right place. The character is one of the most famous Green Lantern heroes alongside characters like Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, Abin Sur, Jessica Cruz and John Stewart. He has been an important part of the franchise ever since he first made his comic book debut in 1968. Wittrock’s portrayal will be the second time the character is seen in live-action following the infamous television film and failed series pilot Justice League of America in which the role was played by Matthew Settle.

The Green Lantern series on HBO Max is expected to be released some time during the next year once the development stages of the show have been completed.

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