Kurt Sutter plans to return to the world of Northern California motorcycle gangs with a Sons of Anarchy spinoff centered on rival gang The Mayans.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spinoff

In 2014, Sutter signed a lucrative eight-figure deal with 20th Century Fox TV. In addition to Bastard Executioner, which will premiere next month, Sutter is plotting a Sons of Anarchy spinoff that will focus on Mexican-American biker gang The Mayans, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sutter has so far been tight-lipped about the details of the Sons spinoff series, as it’s in the early stages of development. Once the ball gets rolling in earnest on the project, it’s expected to jump to the front of the development pipeline, THR reported.

Before Sons fans will get to delve back into Sutter’s biker gang world, they can see his imagination at work in his period drama Bastard Executioner – a noted departure from Sons and The Shield.

“Creatively, I wanted to do something really different,” he told THR. “On The Shield, we just ran out of ways for Vic to f – people up, and eventually on Sons it became, ‘How do I make yet another chase scene different and interesting?’ You just get a little burned out.”

Over the course of his career in Hollywood, Sutter has earned a reputation for his gruff and often contentious manner. His darkness seeps into his work and overwhelms his public persona. While Sutter admits there’s a basis for the perception, it’s based less in who he is than in his passion for his work.

“Nobody is ever their reputation,” Sutter said. “The reason why I embrace it and why I joke about it is because it is who I am in terms of tone and creativity, meaning it’s not bullshit that I’m a dark motherf–ker and I say very disturbing things in a creative way. I can scare the f–k out of people sometimes, but even in my darkest moments, even when I’m punching holes in f–king walls, all of that shit happens because of my passion for what I’m doing.”

Bastard Executioner‘s two-part premiere airs on FX Sept. 15.