Charlie Hunnam will teach an introduction to Kundalini yoga class at the Motor City Comic Con with Son of Anarchy co-star Ryan Hurst on May 19. The class is aptly named “Yoga of Anarchy.”

After SOA ended, Hunnam and Hurst began to drift apart, but they reconnected due to yoga.

“Ryan is one of my best friends,” Hunnam said. “There were a couple of years where I didn’t spend much time with Ryan, and then I got into a yoga practice that he has really devoted himself to in a very significant way. So, we now see each other very, very frequently at this Kundalini yoga studio that we both go to. He’s one of my dear friends.”


Tickets for the session are $75 and are on sale at the official site Motor City Comic Con site in addition to buying an admission ticket to the convention.

Motor City Comic Con takes place May 17-19 at Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace. If you plan on taking the yoga class, make sure to bring your own mat and wear some loose fitting clothes.

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