Jodie Foster has allegedly been harassed by new stalker Celine Martelleur and Foster’s wife Alexandra Hedison has taken out a restraining order against Martelleur.


Foster has been receiving creepy emails from Martelleur professing her love for the actress. “I am still in Toronto until next month,” one email reportedly said. “I am around avoiding cops. Jodie is in my thoughts every minute.” Foster had been filming in Toronto at the time.

Hedison also claims that Martelleur has shown up at the couple’s Beverly Hills home. The stalker buzzed their security gate, and upon being asked to identify herself, Martelleur said, “Celine, you should know who it is.” The police were called, but no arrest was made because there was no protective order at the time.

Now Martelleur is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Foster, Hedison, and their two children Charles, 18, and Kit, 15.

This is not Foster’s first encounter with an obsessed fan. In the 1981, John Hinckley, Jr. wrote to Foster to express his love for her, and wrote the letter on the same day he attempted to assassinate president Ronald Reagan. Foster is also worried about Hinckley’s release, which occurred earlier this year.

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