It was confirmed yesterday that Jodie Foster married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison in a private ceremony over the weekend.

Who Is Alexandra Hedison?

While Foster, 51, has been a household name since her teens, Hedison, who previously dated talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for four years, is significantly less well-known.

Hedison, 44, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, works primarily as a photographer, taking pictures of landscapes and architecture. Her work has been shown in L.A., New York City and London.

With her father, David Hedison, having worked successfully as an actor for decades, including the role of Felix Leiter in a pair of James Bond films, Hedison embarked on a career in the industry as well. She appeared in both Melrose Place and Nash Bridges, but she’s perhaps best known for her recurring role on The L World.

In Showtime’s lesbian drama series, which ran from 2004 to 2009, Hedison played documentary filmmaker Dylan Moreland, who had a complicated on-off relationship with heiress Helena Peabody, played by Rachel Shelly. After her work on The L Word, Hedison fully retired from acting to focus on her photography.

Alexandra Hedison and Rachel Shelley in 'The L Word'

Hedison and Foster were first linked last summer after they were spotted attending a technology seminar together in L.A. “It’s pretty serious,” a source told E! News in September. In September is also when Hedison reportedly sold her Laurel Canyon home for more than $1 million, though it hasn’t been confirmed that the couple has moved in together.

Hedison and Foster wedded on April 20. Foster has two children from her 20-year relationship with her ex Cydney BernardCharles and Kit.

– Chelsea Regan

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