What do Marilyn Manson, 43, and Jamie Bell, 25, have in common? Nope, it's not a trick question — they've both been engaged to actress Evan Rachel Wood, 24.

The British Billy Elliot and The Adventures of Tintin actor recently popped the question to his former music video costar (the two met filming Green Day's 2005 video, "Wake Me Up When September Ends"), and Wood was seen wearing an engagement ring in Hollywood with Bell on Saturday night, reports Us Weekly.

Bell and Wood were an item for a year back when they met, and they even got tattoos of each other's first initial — Wood has a "J" on her left ankle. They broke up in 2006, however, at which point she spoke about the past romance fondly. "We had matching tattoos because we knew our love would last forever," she said at the time, reports The Toronto Sun. "Trouble is, it didn't, things happened, we split. But I don't regret the tattoo. It reminds me of a great, great period in my life."

The following year, Wood went public with her relationship with Marilyn Manson, and they got engaged January 2010 at one of Manson's stage performances in Paris. By August of that year, however, they had called the engagement off and gone their separate ways.

Does Wood only have eyes for Bell, though? Last year Wood revealed that she was bisexual. "I can't say I'm one way or the other because I've honestly fallen in love with a man and I've honestly fallen in love with a woman," she told Esquire. "I don't know how you label that, it's just how it is."

Next up, you can catch Bell in Man on a Ledge, also starring Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, Kyra Sedgwick, and Edward Burns, opening January 27.

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    Aww, they were together and split but found their way back to each other. Congrats Evan and Jamie!

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