Jailed porn star Ron Jeremy has a new trial date in his serial rape case, now set for May 2 in Los Angeles.

Jeremy, who looks markedly weaker, has added a new lawyer to his defense team as his trial continues. The hearing took place on Wednesday, the adult film star agreed to push the start of his trial from late February to May 2.

Katie Hardie will be the newest addition to Jeremy’s defense team. Hardie is a former Los Angeles County public defender now specializing in sex crimes, her website states.

She confirmed her new role in an email sent Wednesday but did not comment further on any thoughts about the trial.

Jeremy, his legal name Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, appeared at the hearing looking older and weaker. He was in a wheelchair with a bushy beard and his trademark dark, long hair was now almost completely white.

The only time he spoke was to tell Judge George Lomeli that he agreed to the change of his trial date.

Jeremy has been in custody in Los Angeles County since his June 2020 arrest. He’s being housed in a medical ward.

His defense lawyer Stuart Goldfab said his client, “[is] doing as well as someone could do in jail.”

The new indictment returned August 19 involves 21 victims ranging from ages 15 to 51 and an alleged pattern of predatory behavior since 1996.

All the victims testified for the grand jury about Jeremy’s action and his use as a pop-culture icon to disarm their defenses, according to the transcripts.

Multiple women said Jeremy used his VIP access to the employee bathrooms at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood to lure them away from patrons, trap them in a private space and sexually assault them.

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